(Clearwisdom.net) I became a practitioner on January 16, 2007. The Fa connects many people throughout the world.

Because my grandfathers were landlords, the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) confiscated their property. My parents were also persecuted. Back then, when they targeted my family, they forced them to take off their clothes in the freezing cold and poured cold water on them while the icy winds blew at them. I'm currently 38 years old. Ever since I was a small child, teachers have picked on me. When we learned about Liuwencai, the Landlord, my teacher told me I was a living example of this story. She hit me and laughed at me. Since that incident, others have laughed at me, and none of them has ever felt guilty about it.

I was poor as a child and believed I would live a happier life once I grew up and earned money. But once I started earning money, I realised it wasn't so.

Prior to becoming a practitioner I had suffered for years from extremely uncomfortable enteritis. I had to go to the toilet several times a day. I went to the Shanghai Ruijin Hospital, but the doctors couldn't cure me.

The illness would go away for a few days but almost immediately returned. I tried every medicine there was. The only definitive diagnosis discovered that my appendix had minor problems. None of the medicines worked, and enemas were ineffective. There was no cure. I also had other illnesses along with it.

My experience has told me that the CCP is evil. All the news and information I was given from the CCP's TV, I learned to look at them from the opposite way. But some TV programs were really deceptive, which were even more poisonous than the general propaganda. I was unknowingly brainwashed. One day I received an email. Usually I simply delete this kind of email straight away, but this was different; it was the Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party. I'm grateful to those who sent me the email, and whose compassion has really touched me. The information they sent me was not only the truth, but it also prevented the evil from taking me with it to hell.

I downloaded the Dafa materials, but the downloading time was slow. I got up at 3:00 a.m. and downloaded until 5:00 a.m. to avoid the slow speed, because fewer people get online during that period. I have now successfully downloaded all the materials. I've also watched the Dalian and Guangzhou Lectures many times. It seems I understand it from a different viewpoint each time I watch. I have also memorized several articles. With help of the Fa, I have gotten over all the generalized and concocted things said by people on the state-run television programs.

On November 16, 2007 after I had finished downloading some materials, I began watching the videos and reading many articles.

At the beginning, I always felt really cold. But I firmly believed in Master and Dafa, and I understood that Master was using Falun to adjust my body. The feeling of coldness disappeared in about two weeks. One night my neck felt like it had been shocked with electricity, and then I felt a persistent itch. After a while, the itch spread to my back and then to my legs. This feeling was indescribable. I understood that Master cleansed my body. I have also recovered from appendicitis now. I am truly grateful to Master and I will follow the teachings.

I am a new practitioner and know that time is of the essence. I hope fellow practitioners will point it out if anything I've shared does not meet the standard of the Fa.