(Clearwisdom.net) Mr. Mei Datong, the Production Division Chief of Taiwan's aerospace industry pioneer - AIDC Aviation Industry Co. under the Ministry of Economic Affairs, brought his family to the Chinese Spectacular presented by the Divine Performing Arts (DPA) of New York. The show was held at Zhongxing University, Taichung City, Taiwan on March 12. After the show, he smiled and said, "The entire show has profound content. This outstanding performance by overseas Chinese performers is very different. I believe that all the DPA shows in Taiwan will be as successful as this one. This is an opportunity that may not present itself again in a thousand years. I hope more people can share with us this excellent view of traditional Chinese culture."

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Mr. Mei Datong and his wife came to enjoy the last show in Taichung City

You feel you are part of the performance

When the reporter asked which performance he liked best, Mr. Mei Datong stood in front of the colorful DPA poster and said, "The 'Drummers of the Tang Court' was very powerful. The style of the female drummers was different from that of the male drummers. The setting demonstrated power. Two different styles passed on different, encouraging messages."

He continued to comment on "The Lady of the Moon" and "Snowy Mountain, White Lotus" and said, "The backdrops, the stage settings, and the performers' facial expressions all made me feel as if I was part of the performance."

Demonstrating the glory of the Chinese

He particularly complimented on the overall design of the show, "You could detect the meticulous care taken in the design of the show from the coordination of the performances, the performance techniques, and the design of the backdrops. This show demonstrates the glory of the Chinese and traditional Chinese culture with song and dance. It is an unusual opportunity to see this show. It is different from a regular show, different from all the shows we have seen overseas or in Mainland China."

What touched Mr. Mei the most was that, "The entire show demonstrated different Chinese cultures, especially the facts of the persecution of Falun Gong in Mainland China. They used a graceful and acceptable way to present this to the audience. Before, I could not understand why, in today's world, torturing and persecution is still happening. After this show, we now can understand. We should continue to uphold the Falun Gong spirit because this is the true spirit of the Chinese people and the glory of the Chinese people!"

Mr. Mei's wife said that she often went abroad with her husband and they have seen many shows, but that this show was different from any shows they had ever seen before. She said, "Compared to dances we have seen before, this performance is more vivid. It is very energetic and modern."

Mr. Mei concluded, "I am very excited right now. Thank you for giving me this opportunity to express myself."

The Mayor of Yuanli Township, Miaoli County: I Hope the DPA Continues Their Effort to Change People's Attachments to Fame and Money

Lin Yuezhu, Mayor of Yuanli Township in Miaoli County, and Chen Qinghuang, Mayor of Puyan Township in Zhanghua County, enjoyed the fifth show of the DPA in Huisun Hall at Zhong Xing University, Taichung City.

Lin Yuezhu, Mayor from Miaoli County, and her husband, Zheng Wenbing, a former council member of Miaoli County

Ms. Lin said, "All of the actors have gone through rigorous training. The performance is outstanding. The dances are amazing and can help to expand our way of thinking. It is a superb show. I hope they can come to Taiwan every year. Such performance should be allowed to succeed and continue to help change people's attachments to fame and money."

Mayor of Puyan Township in Zhanghua County: Even Illiterate People Can Understand this Performance

Chen Qinghuang, Mayor of Puyan Township in Zhanghua County said, "Nowadays, our minds are so distracted. The DPA's performance can help improve human morality and can bring true peace to the world because the DPA has a correct view of the universe and of the world. This classic art is a treasure. The Chinese dances are marvelous. The vocalists' performances are superb. 'Descent of the Celestial Kings' demonstrates the content and tolerance of Buddhism. I admired and appreciated it very much."

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Chen Qinghuang, Mayor of Puyan Townshop in Zhanghua County

Chen was amazed and said, "This show presented the deep meaning of human life via the form of song and dance. Everybody can understand it, even if one is illiterate. This is remarkable. It is truly a significant demonstration of great art."