(Clearwisdom.net) I usually send righteous thoughts to eliminate the evil elements which obstruct people from learning the truth, or believing in Dafa, before I clarify the truth to them. I send righteous thoughts repeatedly toward those who have strong notions and prejudice before I talk to them. Such a habit often provides significant benefits. For example, for a practitioner who lags behind and gets stuck at a certain level for too long and starts "enlightening" along an evil path, I find that he will change his attitude and understanding dramatically and may come back to the path of Fa-rectification cultivation as the evil influences within his dimensional field are eliminated.

Sending righteous thoughts is to eliminate the evil elements that obstruct people from learning the truth about Dafa, and it is quite effective. I understand that the closer you are to someone, the better the results. We may utilize a couple of minutes in our daily lives to eliminate the evil elements obstructing people within our own surroundings. We can focus on people such as our colleagues while we are on a work break, our neighbors who are on the street, and the village or the community when we are at home. We can do it whenever we have the opportunity. We can eliminate evil for relatives and friends when we visit them. We can eliminate evil from those around us when we are on the bus, or when we are at work or out of town. The key to sending righteous thoughts is to have a quiet heart and a focused mind. As we strengthen the power, and increase the frequency of our righteous thoughts, it may give people one more chance to accept the truth, and one less chance of rejecting it when they next encounter it.

March 4, 2008