(Clearwisdom.net) Mr. Song Jianguo, a Falun Gong practitioner from Sanhe, Hebei Province, was reported to police on September 19, 2007, when he was working in Beijing. Officers from the Haidian Police Department arrested him and took him to Tuanhe Forced Labor Camp in Beijing. He was persecuted there for several months. On January 26, 2008, he and six other practitioners, who were not from Beijing, were secretly transferred to Wuyuan Forced Labor Camp in Inner Mongolia.

On March 6, 2008, guards Zhao Naiwei, Li Haiying, Zhao Naidong, Du Xiangguang, Liu Jun, Suo Haipeng, Yan Wenbin, Bo Zhansheng, and Liu Sizhe brutally tortured Mr. Song Jianguo in the First Brigade office. They bound him with ropes, forced him to kneel, severely beat him, and shocked every part of him with six electric batons. His arms became swollen and numb and he could no longer move them. His whole body was bruised with rope scars. His ribs and feet were black and blue. His abdomen and neck were burned by the electric batons. This was physically and emotionally traumatic.

He was so severely tortured that his fingers are still numb, his joints hurt, he has frequent diarrhea as a result of damage to his digestive system, and he is very weak. The director of the police department, Wei Minxuan, and officer Liu Baohua have threatened him several times, saying, "Sooner or later you have to be 'transformed.' Then we will decide where you get to stay."

Song Jianguo is 39 years old. He was a lecturer at the Sanhe City Communist Party School in Hebei Province. He attended Master's lecture series in Beijing in 1993 and began to practice Falun Gong. Because he obtained the Fa early and was a young fellow in political circles, he became a primary target for CCP persecution.

Wuyuan Forced Labor Camp has been singled out by the CCP to persecute practitioners in recent years. Many practitioners are detained there. Most of them are male practitioners from Inner Mongolia. Some are from other cities but were arrested in Beijing. Others were working in Inner Mongolia. Police and guards savagely beat and brainwash them and force them to do hard labor. Due to the decreased numbers of regular inmates, Wuyuan Forced Labor Camp "bought" inmates from the Beijing Forced Labor Dispatch Department to maintain its existence. Those in charge have tortured practitioners using electric batons and killing ropes. They have buried them alive, tied them to tombstones in cemeteries for as long as several days, locked them up in sheepfolds in wild areas, and viciously beaten them, not to mention trying to make them step on Master's photo. Criminal inmates are often ordered to torture practitioners .

The CCP awards 10,000 yuan to whoever successfully "transforms" a Falun Gong practitioner. Due to greed and valuing money more than human life, the inmates try every day to force practitioners to give up cultivation. They try to make practitioners swear at Master and to sign the Guarantee Statement or "Repentant Statement." In order to achieve their goal, they use every depraved method known to physically and mentally torment the practitioners. They bash them in their faces and kick their waists, backs, and stomachs. They even stomp on practitioners' heads with both feet. Some practitioners suffer from chronic headaches, tinnitus, and chest tightness as a result. They also force practitioners to take part in a type of military training. Even 70-year-old practitioners are stomped on and kicked fiercely.

In the forced labor camps, the inmates not only beat practitioners in offices but also in dark areas. They have dragged practitioners to an isolated cemetery in a remote area and viciously beaten them. In the cemetery, one very dedicated practitioner was bound with ropes and shocked with four electronic batons on every part of his body.

Because Mr. Song Jianguo didn't give up his belief, he was monitored and followed by inmates. The guards pressured and enticed inmates to swear at and beat him. They didn't allow him to write letters to his wife and also intercepted his wife's letters to him and didn't let him read them. They didn't give him the parcel sent by his family. He was not allowed to make phone calls to his family. He was not allowed to have a haircut or use the restroom. They extended his sentence by three months. They pressured him at every opportunity to try to force him give up his belief and write the three statements.

Song Jianguo has been confined in a detention center four times and in a forced labor camp twice. In every place he has been inhumanly tortured. In October 2000 his employer fired him for practicing Falun Dafa. Sanhe Police Station officers tried to locate him and arrest him. He had left his hometown and gone elsewhere to avoid persecution.

On February 11, 2003, officers from Sanhe Police Department arrested him when he was on a bus and secretly took him to Tuanhe Forced Labor Camp in Daxing County, Beijing. He was severely beaten and put on the death bed. Practitioners in Sanhe have described this torture on the Clearwisdom website. Tuanhe Forced Labor Camp officials then transferred him to Tangshan Forced Labor Camp. He was tortured there as well.

In July 2004, Mr. Song's father passed away, his youngest sister was seriously ill, and his mother was traumatized. His wife and another younger sister were allowed to bring Song Jianguo, who was on the brink of death, home from the forced labor camp.

After he recovered, Song Jianguo went everywhere trying to find a job to make a living. On September 19, 2007, while he was working in Beijing, officers from the Haidian Police Department arrested him and sent him to Tuanhe Forced Labor Camp in Beijing. He was persecuted there for several months. On January 26, 2008, he and six other practitioners not from Beijing were secretly transferred to Wuyuan Forced Labor Camp in Inner Mongolia.

Wuyuan Forced Labor Camp:
Wei Minxuan, Director, Secretary of the Party Committee: 86-478-5558200(Office), 86-13337036666(Cell), 86-13304780666(Cell)
Yang Furong, Deputy Director: 86-478-5558300(Office)
Mu Jianfeng, former Deputy Director (2002-2004), in charge of the persecution of Falun Gong, currently Political Commissar of Inner Mongolia Women's Forced Labor Camp.