Dec 27, 2008

Rahm Emmanuel, chief of staff for President-elect Obama. (

CHICAGO--Warm greetings from the Chief of Staff of President-elect Barack Obama, U.S. Senator Richard Durbin and other Illinois elected officials, and the head of the Taipei Cultural and Economic Office welcomed Divine Performing Arts (DPA) to Chicago for three shows.

Congressman Rahm Emanuel of Illinois's 5th District has been named as Barack Obama's Chief of Staff. Mr. Emanuel's greeting focused on the content of DPA's performance: "[DPA] is a display of classical themes, divinely-inspired cultural traditions, and such principles as freedom, peace, virtue, and justice in the styles of Chinese classical music, dance and costume."

Senator Richard J. Durbin commented on the significance of DPA's performances:
"Through its widely attended world tour, the DPA has helped renew some lost Chinese arts, which have been forgotten or ignored since the Chinese Cultural Revolution.

"The DPA's performances highlight the beauty and the value of China's artistic tradition and heritage, and the continued success of the World Tour further emphasizes the value of celebrating these traditions amidst changing times."

Dick Durbin
Dick Durbin, Senator from Illinois. (

Congresswoman Debbie Halvorson of Illinois's 11th District said, "I commend The Divine Performing Arts on its glorious portrayal of the pure excellence and grandeur of classical Chinese dance and music. Its divine message is inspired by myths, legends, and the divine beauty of 5000 years of traditional Chinese Culture.

"Inspired by the quest to renew a largely lost authentic cultural tradition and heritage, the show features an elite company of dancers, and singers in an awesome, beautiful and exhilarating form of expression."

Ms. Lisa Madigan, the Attorney General for the State of Illinois, said, "The Divine Performing Arts will grace the Civic Opera House with the best of Chinese music and dance, bringing to life the myths, legends and beauty of the Chinese culture."

Director-General Thomas T.S. Cheng of the Taipei Economic and Cultural Office in Chicago took note in his letter of greeting that DPA shows are appearing throughout the Midwest, mentioning the performances in Chicago, Detroit, Indianapolis, Cincinnati, St. Louis, Minneapolis, and Madison, Wisconsin.

Director-General Cheng celebrated how Divine Performing Arts bring East and West together: "Chinese and Western people come together in one place, appreciate together DPA depicting the Chinese traditional culture and arts and presenting Chinese classic dance, the beauty of Chinese music, and the virtue and compassion of the Chinese people. It is a precious cultural feast."

The enthusiastic comments of these officials were echoed in greeting letters from several other U.S. Congressmen, the Illinois Secretary of State Jesse White, President of the Cook County Board of Commissioners Todd Stroger, Jr., several Illinois State Representatives and Senators and mayors for several Illinois cities.

In Chicago, even Mother Nature seemed to join in welcoming DPA, as the temperatures rose 40 degrees in 24 hours time, reaching the 60s on Saturday and breaking the grip on Chicago of what had been an unusually cold and snowy December.