The destruction of the wicked CCP is something gods have determined, so pay no heed to any of its things. The historic mission that Dafa disciples shoulder is to save sentient beings.

Li Hongzhi
December 24, 2008


( Recently the so-called "08 Charter" has been given a great deal of hype. There are signs of covert, but discernible, Chinese Communist Party activity behind this event. We ask that all Dafa disciples, in and out of China, pay no heed to this matter. If you have attachments such as looking for political intrigue, please discard them and maintain your rationality and wisdom.

We are cultivators, who do not get involved in politics under any circumstances, much less allow ourselves to be manipulated by the CCP. Dafa disciples distribute the Nine Commentaries to save people and fulfill the vows that they made long ago. In order to help more people be saved in a timely fashion, we must focus our energy and seize the time to clarify the facts and distribute the Nine Commentaries. The Nine Commentaries can help sentient beings fundamentally see the wicked CCP for what it truly is, abandon illusions about the CCP, and improve their chances of being saved.

December 23, 2008