(Clearwisdom.net) Recently, I read an article in "Minghui Weekly" that practitioners with a stable income were encouraged to establish truth-clarification material production sites at home. Then I thought about a nearby practitioner who has a modest income. She has a computer at home and her husband agrees with her practicing. I provided her with the plastic sealer machine and other materials she is using. Recently, I was thinking about giving her a printer. She agreed and talked with her husband. In the beginning, her husband was hesitant. After hearing that the printer was free, he agreed.

I felt bad when I heard this and thought, "How can she do it this way? She can afford a printer, plus this is for the Fa. How can she just take things and not use her own money? I understand her husband not wanting to spend any money, but can't she spend some of her own money on this?" The more I thought about it, the worse I felt.

Today, I suddenly thought about this again while I was at work. Then I felt that I was being too selfish. Since all of us came for the Fa, and each one has a different cultivation environment, we should always do the best we can. I have a job and do not have much time to prepare informational materials. The reason I asked her to help was because she could take over some of my work, and at the same time generate another material production site. It is not easy for her to prepare materials at home with a husband who is not a practitioner. In contrast, all three people in my family are practitioners. When providing materials for her, am I not contributing to saving sentient beings? Had I not been considerate and insisted on her buying her own printer, might we have lost another material production site if her husband had not supported her? I almost made a big mistake.

When I thought about it this way, I felt bad about my own selfishness. I am grateful to Teacher for his compassionate salvation. Teacher saves people unconditionally, and I should also sacrifice for Dafa unconditionally. I will make the best use of my resources and walk the path better in assisting Teacher with the Fa-rectification.