(Clearwisdom.net) Before "Teacher's Day" in 2008, our department received only one allocation for the outstanding professor award. The results of a silent vote were a Falun Gong practitioner, Professor Zheng, and a non-Party member, Professor Chen, who both received the same number of votes. Our department head had a hard time deciding between them.

Professor Zheng said, "Please let Professor Chen have this title. I am still young and will have more chances later." Professor Chen said, "No, I am close to retirement. Please let Professor Zheng have it. He is the leading teacher in our department." This discussion touched everyone in the department, and we asked the department chairman to get another allocation from the university.

Our department chairman reported the situation to Director Ma. Director Ma said, "Then take Professor Zheng's name off." "Why?" asked the chairman. "That is not fair." The director responded, "This is not about fairness. Everyone at the university knows he practices Falun Gong. Please do not give me a hard time. It's about the principles of this organization."

Our chairman said, "I did not give you hard time. What are the principles of this organization? Which rule says a Falun Gong practitioner cannot be an outstanding teacher? Professor Zheng is a talented professor. Haven't we learned enough from past political movements? I will talk with the president of the university."

Our university president is a well known and well respected academic figure. After listening to the report, he said, "Isn't the award about respecting the facts? How about respect for knowledge and respect for intellectuals? How about respect for a person's belief? How about respect for a democratic election? Allocate another award, and let both Professor Zheng and Professor Chen have the title."

At the awards ceremony, long-lasting applause filled the auditorium as Professor Zheng went on stage to accept the award.