In March of 2008, Mr. Lin, a 49-year-old Toronto resident, was diagnosed with cancer in his left knee. He then decided to practice Falun Gong. Four months later, a miracle happened - his doctor told him that his leg had been fully cured. When I interviewed Mr. Lin, he looked very healthy and energetic.

Crushed by the News

Mr. Lin revealed that he sensed problems in his left knee as early as 1995 when he was still in Guangzhou City. After moving to Toronto, he chose to work as a driver to avoid leg problems.

In 2003, Mr. Lin visited a doctor at Mt. Sinai Hospital in Toronto for his leg pain, and found a benign tumor behind his knee. Last year, the tumor began to hurt deeply and also affected his thighs. When he went to see his family doctor, he was transferred to a specialist at the Mt. Sinai Hospital. Only then did he learn that Mt. Sinai Hospital specialized in cancer. In January of this year, Mr. Lin had an MRI.

"After the test, my doctor was very somber, and grabbed another senior doctor to do the test again. They did not tell me the result right then, and asked me to go back to my family doctor. I knew something was wrong. When I made an appointment with my doctor in March, he confirmed that it was cancer."

He said that he was very afraid, as if he had received a death sentence. Then, his wife suggested that he practice Falun Gong.

Mrs. Lin had very serious stomach problems while she was in mainland China. After visiting many well-known doctors across the country and spending a ton of money, she found no cure. However, after she practiced Falun Gong, her problems miraculously disappeared.

"My wife told me, 'Only Falun Gong can help you now.' Without another choice, I began practicing Falun Gong just to give it a try."

A Miracle

A month after beginning to practice Falun Gong, Mr. Lin began to feel very uncomfortable. He felt like vomiting, did not want to eat anything, and his weight dropped significantly. He could barely walk a few steps before getting exhausted.

"My wife reminded me that these are all symptoms of the body purification process. I decided to persevere, and the pain began to diminish little by little over time. I knew that practicing Falun Gong had some effect." Later, the frequency of the pain began to decrease to every two or three days. He began to gain weight again. At this time, his doctor asked him to go to the hospital for a full body check-up to prepare for treatment.

"My wife accompanied me to Mt. Sinai hospital. I vomited several times on the way there. Seeing my pain, my wife brought out Zhuan Falun and read it to me. As I listened, I began to feel better." With a deep sense of gratitude, Mr. Lin began to choke up when describing this experience.

"Every time I was in pain, my wife would read Zhuan Falun to me. It was miraculous. The pain would diminish slowly."

A month after the check-up, he was asked to have another checkup.

"By this time, I had already practiced Falun Gong for three or four months. My body had recovered. I could eat, drink, sleep, walk, and work. I know that Teacher had cleansed my body of the sickness karma."

In July, Mr. Lin was notified by his doctor to come visit and discuss the next step of therapy.

Mr. Lin said, "We were the last one on the appointment list for that day. Two minutes before closing, the doctor finally gestured for us to enter, and with a broad smile he said, 'Congratulations, you're very lucky, this is big news, your leg is fine now, the results this time are very different from before.'"

Mr. Lin said he didn't feel any surprise at this result, for he knew that he was already well by then.


Mr. Lin said that he will continue to practice Falun Gong, "Falun Gong is a great Fa to save sentient beings. Whether you have sicknesses or family problems, as long as you walk into the door of the Fa, you will be saved. This is because cultivation can improve your morality and help you be more understanding when it comes to family problems."

"For instance, my mother and my wife used to have a lot of problems, but after I began cultivation, I asked my mom to practice too. All the past problems were solved and their relationship is great now."

Mr. Lin says that the relationship between his mother and his wife has become harmonious. "In the past I always felt stuck in the middle when they were not on good terms. I had my mom on one side, and my wife on the other. "

As a result, he thinks that the improvement is due to the improvement of his xinxing after cultivation in Falun Gong, and that he became more considerate. "Teacher told us that cultivation is aimed right at your heart, and you have to improve your heart. I thank Falun Gong for saving my entire family."

Finally, Mr. Lin hopes that everyone will be able to learn about Falun Gong, and not fall prey to the Chinese Communist Party's vicious lies.