To coordinators, materials production sites, and Internet access sites in Mainland China:


Greetings, fellow practitioners! You have been working hard!


The 5th China Fahui on Minghui.org will begin soon. We thank everyone for exchanging, gatekeeping, typing, and breaking through the Internet blockade to send articles. The editing team has received more than 10,000 articles for the Fa conference since October 21. Because the deadline for submissions has passed, if you still have articles in hand that you haven't had time to type, please hold them. Articles received by Saturday, October 25th (New York time) will be treated as Fa conference article submissions. Articles sent in later will be treated as regular articles.


Don't forget to cultivate yourselves while working hard. Let us cultivate ourselves well and cooperate well to make this a grand gathering.




October 22, 2008