(Clearwisdom.net) There are only three practitioners in our village; however, we are one indestructible body. Although we sometimes encountered tribulations because of human notions, we could always search inward and find out our shortcomings. We have never let the tribulations affect our responsibilities to save sentient beings and validate Dafa. I enlightened that a tribulation could occur only because we still have our human notions. We have no choice but to get rid of them. We must not let the old forces take advantage of our human notions and weaken our strength.

Because many Fa-validation tasks require that we cooperate with each other, we often study the Fa together, practice the exercises together, discuss our understandings with each other, and improve as one body. Sometimes serious conflicts arose among us, which was very painful and issues surfaced similar to the granite mentioned in Master's lecture. I would always think, "We must rid ourselves of this bad stuff. We are one body. We should get rid of the evil and eliminate the old forces with the same as one body. We cannot be separated by the old forces because of our human notions and take the risk that it will affect our responsibilities to validate the Fa and save sentient beings."

Fellow practitioner A obtained the Fa relatively late and was not educated. In the beginning, policemen often came to her home to harass her. Her husband was also disturbing her. However, she was very determined. I sent righteous thoughts for her, helped her clearly understand from the perspective of the Fa, and clarified the truth to her husband. The results were very good. She passed the tribulation with her determination. Her home environment turned better and policemen did not come any more. Fellow practitioner B obtained the Fa in 2004 and was very steadfast. Most of the time, she actively took the responsibility of spreading Dafa materials. Before practicing cultivation, I had an incurable disease and was bedridden. After practicing cultivation, the disease disappeared. I sometimes don't want to practice the exercises because of laziness. The other two practitioners encourage me and practice the exercises together with me. Even though fellow practitioner A was not educated, we study and discuss the Fa together, in order to let her understand more.

Sometimes, conflicts arose among us. However, we would rather look inward instead of focusing on the issue that introduced the conflict. If we consider other people from every perspective, genuinely seek to benefit others, and focus less on other people's shortcomings, we will find the problem is from ourselves after searching inward. The main reason is that we still have our human notions and attachments; otherwise, the conflicts would not occur. We should make strides in our own minds. The biggest mistake practitioners make is when they don't search inward, always focus on other people's shortcomings, or find excuses for their attachments, which prevent them from improving.

In this way, the three of us discussed together, searched inward, eliminated the isolation one-by-one and formed one body. Among us, no matter who encounters a tribulation or faces a xinxing test, the other two would actively help, such as sending forth righteous thoughts or searching inward. Then, we will try to improve ourselves from the perspective of the Fa. Therefore, we could even let go of our human notions while a tribulation was happening. In such a way, we supported and encouraged each other, striving forward diligently together, and forming an unbreakable body. We strive to do the three things well. The result from our Fa validation is very good. Our environment is turning better. Many people know that Dafa is good and have decided to quit the CCP.

Currently, we are all memorizing Zhuan Falun. We form a very good environment to better study the Fa and search inward. We continuously adapt to the Fa and get rid of our human notions. Therefore, conflicts among us occur less often. In addition, the better coordination between fellow practitioners forms a stronger field of righteous thoughts. This field automatically eliminates the evil elements and helps us save sentient beings.

I wrote this article because I find that the conflicts among practitioners are still serious. Practitioners are so attached to their human notions, they have become isolated by the old forces. Their attachments are continuously intensified by the old forces and they do not realize it. They could not improve themselves from the perspective of the Fa, as a result, the Fa-validation and the process of saving sentient beings has been delayed. I feel that we should cultivate ourselves better in this area. Let's get rid of our human notions, really understand from the perspective of the Fa, utilize the power and abilities that Master gave us to eliminate all the evil forces, stop the persecution and save more sentient beings.