(Clearwisdom.net) Several days ago my husband, a fellow practitioner from another city and I took a subway train to downtown Moscow for some personal affairs. Just as we sat down, we noticed a young Chinese man, perhaps 20 years-old watching us. It is rare to meet a Chinese person on a subway train, so my husband and I hurriedly tried to get a Falun Gong truth-clarifying VCD from our bag, but discovered that we had hurriedly left home without one.

I was worried and thought, what should we do? It was so noisy inside the subway, so the effect of verbally clarifying the truth may not be very good. But I saw this young man continue to watch us, with his eyes full of expectation. I said to my husband, "How about you get off at our stop, and I will stay on the train with the fellow practitioner to guide this young man to withdraw from the CCP!" My husband did not say anything. The young man was still watching us, and I become more anxious. The train soon approached our station. I thought it would be great if the young man could get off along with us.

While the train approached our destination we went to the entrance close to where the young man was. The fellow practitioner quickly walked toward him and started to talk to him. I could not hear anything, but I knew she was telling the young man about withdrawing from the CCP. I did not send righteous thoughts to help the process, yet was concerned if we would have enough time. I got off the train first, and the fellow practitioner got off as well. She said with a smile, "The young man has withdrawn, please remember his real name."

At the moment the door was about to close, the young man also departed from the train. He had actually lost his way. My husband took out a map and was going to show him the way, but he told us that he now knew the way.

We felt so happy for him having been saved. The fellow practitioner said she had also seen the expectations in the young man's eyes. At that moment she thought only about Master bringing a person with a pre-destined relationship to us, so she was determined that she must save him, and not let him miss this opportunity. His quick withdrawal was unexpected. This event allowed me to see my human notions and attachments, such as the noise on the train, not having enough time, worry, and how to reply to others. How can I save people with these human attachments? With her very strong righteous thoughts, the fellow practitioner was able to guide a person in a subway car to withdraw from the CCP within 20 seconds.

January 9, 2008