(Clearwisdom.net) In October, 2007, a fellow practitioner informed me that there would be a three day conference for school principals in Bangalore, India. This conference, scheduled in November, would have eight hundred school principals in attendance. The conference arranged an introduction of Falun Gong, exercise performances and teaching that needed help from Taiwanese practitioners. My initial thoughts were not in favor of going to India. My impression was that it was a remote and mysterious country, and since I did not speak English, how would I teach them? I am still a new practitioner and it seemed then that it had nothing to do with me. Later I realized that it was no mere accident for me to hear the information, and maybe there were people there to be saved. Without any further delay, I registered to attend.

This was my first trip aboard to spread the good news of Falun Dafa. When I arrived in India, some fellow practitioners came and picked us up in a mini van. We drove in the midnight hours on the streets of India. I was overcome with a familiar feeling and moved to tears. Was this the reason for my coming to India? We arrived at the hotel around 1 AM. I wanted to take a shower but there was no hot water. The air was cool as it was already the end of November. I did not feel cold when I took a cold shower and rested comfortably that night.

The next morning, we exercised outside of the hotel and then went to the conference. Despite the eight hour flight, I did not feel tired and forgot about the motion sickness. Before I obtained the Fa, I would get motion sickness when riding in a car, let alone a flight. I thought to myself, "I am a practitioner now." I exchanged experiences with other fellow practitioners, sent forth-righteous thoughts and learned Lunyu by heart.

We came to our booth at the conference and began to exercise. There were seven practitioners chosen to perform the exercises that afternoon and I was one of them. I was a little nervous before going on stage, and then thought, "I came here to spread the good news of Falun Dafa." My nervousness went away. When the music began, there was Master's familiar voice. I felt Master was right with us, we just needed to perform well and hope to save more people. The result was great; we received thunderous applause and flowers. After the conference, many principals came to ask us when we would start the teachings. Could we arrange to teach in schools?

We went to a school to teach exercises on the third day. There were many students, their eyes were pure and they learned earnestly. Looking at the children here and thinking of those children in big cities who are under tremendous academic pressure, these children are so fortunate.