(Minghui.org) After the Minghui Radio Station began broadcasting the Early Morning Exercises Program via satellite, we have received many letters from mainland Chinese practitioners sharing their experiences regarding joining the exercises, helping us monitor the broadcast quality, asking if they can replace listening to the satellite broadcast with an MP3 recording, etc. We would like to take this opportunity to thank the Mainland fellow practitioners for their support and participation, and to answer the questions below:

Regarding the fundamental reasons for the Minghui Radio Station's Early Morning Exercise Program broadcasts via satellite:

  1. To support China's fellow practitioners: We hope that Minghui's satellite broadcasts will encourage more fellow disciples in Mainland China to persist in doing the exercises and resume and maintain good cultivation states.

  2. Out of care and concern for the world's people

Regarding listening to the MP3 recordings instead of the broadcasts:

It is fine to use the MP3 recording, at least it can help cultivators persist in doing the exercises on their own.

It is suggested that those practitioners who are outside of China and those Mainland practitioners in suitable situations go outside to do the exercises, while those practitioners in areas of Mainland China where the conditions are not ripe should avoid going to extremes.

Minghui Radio Station Editors

January 6, 2008
Revised on January 8, 2008