(Clearwisdom.net) During the Chinese New Year this year, our family went to visit the Guilin Area with several other families. While I appreciated the beautiful mountains and waters of Guilin, I clarified the truth to others and advised them to quit the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) and its affiliated organizations. Many people knew the truth and expressed their willingness to quit the CCP and its affiliated organizations.

While I felt everything was going smoothly, a ringworm the size of my little finger grew on my face. It was extremely itchy and I scratched it, which caused pus to ooze out. After the ringworm went away, a circle of small bumps emerged around the place where the ringworm had been. This circle of bumps went away and another circle of bumps appeared. And they kept spreading. Two months later, a big circle of bumps the size of the bottom of a bowl grew on my face. It was itchy and painful. Even if I didn't scratch them, it was still extremely itchy. If I scratched them, the infectious area grew. Everyone who knew me was surprised when they saw me, and asked: "What's growing on your face?" Someone said: "It is a sore." Someone said: "It is infectious. You should not share your daily necessities." Another one said: "This kind of bump is hard to cure. You have to take a certain kind of medicine; otherwise, it will just become bigger and bigger. It may cover your face completely." My husband and children bought some ointments and applied them to my face, even against my will.

However, I knew it was the old forces and the evil CCP spirits that persecuted me after seeing that I smoothly clarified the truth and saved sentient beings. They wanted to force me to stay alone and not contact more people. I told my family and those who care about me: "I can recover from this obstinate rash by studying the Fa, practicing the exercises and sending righteous thoughts." They did not believe what I said. I decided I would convince them of this fact and let them witness the wonders of Dafa.

I sent a thought that I would not scratch no matter how itchy I felt. Sometimes, I felt extremely itchy. I forgot to maintain my righteous thoughts and scratched the bumps, which caused the infected area to spread. I knew it was because I did not believe in Teacher and the Fa enough.

After I found the root reason, I did not scratch the bumps any more. I added a thought when sending righteous thoughts: to completely eliminate all evil that harms Dafa and Dafa practitioners on my face and body, eliminate all evil demons, rotten ghosts, and evil CCP spirits.

Just two days later, all the bumps and ringworm withered and dried. One week later, my face became as smooth as before. My family and those who care about me were convinced after seeing me and they now believe Dafa more firmly and have decided to quit the CCP and its affiliated organizations.