(Clearwisdom.net) Since July 1999, 400 practitioners have been tortured to death in Hebei Province, the highest number in China. Handan City Forced Labor Camp is one of the main sites within Hebei Province where Falun Gong practitioners are illegally detained and tortured.

On March 14, 2007, Mr. Wang Guoen, a practitioner from Hengshui City, Hebei Province, was illegally arrested when he clarified the facts. He was then taken to Hengshui City Detention Center. After an 18-day hunger strike to protest the persecution, he was transferred to the "Special Education Division" of Handan City Forced Labor Camp. He was isolated and detained in a special cell, where the inmates watched him 24 hours a day.

At the camp, the guards and inmates beat and abused the practitioners. They also carried out corporal punishment. On May 3, collaborator Liang Chaohui forced Wang Guoen to stand against a wall and then beat him in the face. Because he refused to be "reformed," on May 29, Mr. Wang was taken to a small room downstairs. Gao Fei, the 610 Office agent stationed at the camp, Wang Zhiping, the "Special Education Division" political head, and Jia Yingbin, deputy division head, incited inmates Zhang Xin, Liu Chun, Wang Lifei and Gao Shifeng to hold down Mr. Wang Guoen. Then Gao Fei, Wu Zhiping and Jia Yingbin beat him, forced him to kneel, and shocked him with electric batons. The torture lasted for more than two hours.

On June 20, the "Special Education Division" head, Ge Qingxi, ordered Mr. Wang to go to his office and then brutally beat him with a rubber baton. On June 22, guard Gao Jinli tortured him. Gao forced him to stand all day, except for meal time. When Mr. Wang occasionally fell asleep, the guards and inmates beat him. They forced him to stand for eight days. On July 18, guards Gao Fei and Jia Yingbin took turns beating him in the face for over half an hour. On July 24, he was taken to the room downstairs and tortured for two hours.

Approximately two dozen practitioners are detained in the "Special Education Division." At each meal, each practitioner was only given a spoonful of soup and two pieces of steamed bread, which was far from enough. The head inmate, Zhang Xinning, preferred to throw away the leftover steamed bread than let the practitioners eat it. Except for eating and cleaning up, the guards and inmates forced the practitioners to sit on a bench to torture them. When leaving the room, the practitioners had to report to the inmates and get their permission. The inmates did not allow the practitioners to speak to each other or go among the other divisions. However, the criminal inmates could sit on the bed, lie down, speak and visit the other divisions.

When the guards organized the inmates to have a meeting, the guards told the prisoners that their prison terms would be shortened if they persecuted the practitioners. Furthermore, they indoctrinated their evil thoughts in the inmates in order to make them act as accomplices in persecuting the practitioners.

Due to a weak physical condition, practitioner Zhang Jinsheng was unable to squat down. Therefore, guard Wang Zhiping and inmates Zhang Xin and Gao Shifeng held him down in the office and then beat and shocked him for more than two hours. Because practitioner Zhang Huaijun talked to other practitioners, guard Wang Zhiping shocked him with electric batons for two hours. Practitioner Wang Xianguo refused to be "reformed," so guard Zuo Tao shocked his private parts with electronic batons and made him stand for four days.

From January 2007 to August 2007, 22 practitioners have been arrested and sent to the "Special Education Division" of Handan City Forced Labor Camp. If they refused to be "reformed," they were detained in a solitary confinement cell and were not allowed to go downstairs to have a meal. Guard Zuo Tao clutched a practitioner's head and pounded it against the wall and shocked practitioners with electric batons. He also sat on Master's picture, savagely beat and abused the practitioners, slandered Master and forced the practitioners to stand for long periods.

Guard Gao Jinli beat and shocked practitioners and forced them to stand. Guard Jia Yingbin attempted to force practitioners to slander Master and Dafa. If they refused to obey his orders, he beat them. Guard Zeng Zhiwei beat and shocked the practitioners. In addition, he forced the practitioners to squat down, then stand up and stretch their arms. He forced them to continuously do this and did not allow them to stop. If the practitioners stopped, he beat them.

August 29, 2007