(Clearwisdom.net) I started to practice Falun Gong in February 2006. Due to a physical disability, I suffered from severe backache. My sister-in-law is a Falun Gong practitioner. She told me that Falun Dafa is the great way of the universe, extremely good, and that it has miraculously cured many people's illnesses. She gave me a truth-clarification amulet and a pamphlet entitled Choose Your Own Future. As soon as I started to read it I felt sleepy, however, and I put it aside and didn't pay much attention to it.

A few days later two other practitioners told me more about Falun Gong. They talked a great deal, but I didn't listen to them at all, I only felt tired and sleepy. That night I couldn't fall asleep. Instead, those two practitioners' faces and words kept appearing in my head. It was rather strange and curious. But my backache was so severe then that I could hardly bear it another minute. I had to remain in bed for days.

A few more days passed. One night I had an unusual dream: I went to a pavilion among some bushes below a temple. As soon as I sat down, a group of six people in regular clothes also stepped in. They sat opposite me, and each glanced at me for a second. Once of them wore a coat with rows of golden-colored buttons. His hair was combed to one side and his face appeared kind. He sat by a round stone table in the middle of the pavilion, writing. An old man in the group said to me, "You are only concerned about your back discomfort, yet don't read the book others gave you. How could your illness be cured?" Then he pointed to the man writing in the middle of the pavilion and said, "He is Li Hongzhi."

I suddenly awakened from the dream and wondered where I was. I was amazed to have seen those deity-like figures. I hurried to ask my sister-in-law the next day and asked, "Who is Li Hongzhi? What does he do?" My sister-in-law replied, "Li Hongzhi is our Master, our Teacher. How do you know him?" Then I told her about my dream. She was surprised and said, "How lucky you are! Even our Master and many gods and Buddha appeared before your eyes! You must have done something very good in the past! Hurry up and learn Falun Dafa and don't waste any precious time."

Only then did I understand the meaning of my dream. It was Master Li Hongzhi and divine beings who helped me remember the predestined relationship I have with Falun Dafa. I felt extremely fortunate and immediately finished reading the book Choose Your Own Future. A miracle happened! My backache was gone that same night. I told this good news to my sister-in-law the following day and expressed my strong wish to learn Falun Gong. I eagerly asked her to help me get a copy of Zhuan Falun. Because of my sincerity, with the help of a fellow practitioner, my sister-in-law found the book for me in a few days. I was so happy that I squeezed in time to read the book earnestly day and night. Amazing things kept popping up one after another.

My husband was also excited about it and began smiling again. He was no longer gloomy, and a few months later, he obtained the Fa, too. He experienced extraordinary things as well! One night he was climbing the stairs to go home, when suddenly a torch-sized bright light emerged on his forehead. He was shocked and didn't know what to do. Then the bright light disappeared. He experienced the same phenomenon several times later on.

Shortly afterwards, my husband and I went to a fair on a tricycle. Because he drove too fast, the vehicle and I fell to the ground at a sharp turn. I landed heavily on the cement, scraping and sliding to the point where hair was left on the concrete. However, not a single spot on my body was injured and I felt no pain at all. I know it was because of Master's protection.

Another time my husband and I went to dig a well. My husband was working in the well more than ten meters deep. I operated the pulley to get barrels of sandstone and muddy water out of the well. Suddenly the air compressor's high-voltage electrical cord broke. I lost my balance and almost fell into the well. Just as I was about to fall down, I cried out aloud and landed in a clearing by the well. Because the power had been suddenly cut off, the barrel had stopped moving down inside the well and was hanging in mid-air. I was very scared and realized that had I fallen into the well with the barrel, it would have been a huge disaster. It was our Master who had saved us again.

My daughter and her husband worked in Shenzhen. When they came back home to visit us last year, I told them about the amazing things we had experienced after practicing Falun Gong. I also advised them to recite "Falun Dafa is good," "Zhen-Shan-Ren is good" sincerely, because the words can protect and help them in difficult times.

They remembered my words, having taken them to heart, and my daughter gave birth to a baby easily without much pain. A few days later, my son-in-law called me and said that a fortuneteller told them that the child was going to have a bright future. The fortuneteller also drew a symbol and asked them to put it underneath the baby's pillow. I thought it was not right because it was against the teachings in Zhuan Falun. I discussed the issue with my sister-in-law and she agreed as well. I immediately called my son-in-law. I told him to get rid of that stuff, and in the meantime recite, "Falun Dafa is good! Zhen-Shan-Ren is good" and the Fa-rectification formula, until they reached home. The baby started to convulse the next day. They were so scared and rushed to call me. My sister-in-law was by my side at that time. We told them to keep calm and to put the cellphone next to the baby's ear. We and fellow practitioners sent forth righteous thoughts together. We also asked them to repeat after us one sentence after another. "Falun Dafa is good! Zhen-Shan-Ren is good!" Soon the baby returned normal.

Another time, my brother-in-law went to work in a field. Just as he stepped out of the door, he lost consciousness and his face turned blue. His son called for help and asked us to help him. My fellow practitioner and I helped him using the same method as with my grandchild. It was because of Master's great compassion that we could revive him with only a phone call.

Because I haven't studied the Fa in depth, I had poor enlightenment quality. Just as Teacher said in the Lecture Two of Zhuan Falun:

"Though you sit here and have begun to practice cultivation, you are, after all, just beginning from the level of an everyday person with many everyday people's attachments still not abandoned."

My shortcoming was displayed in my everyday life recently when I didn't cultivate my xinxing. One day I went to buy some lotus root. The price was two yuan per kilogram. I picked up a few of the best pieces to be weighed. The seller said that he would charge 2.2 yuan per kilogram for those pieces. I disagreed and started to argue with him. Why would he charge me extra? I would not accept it! After the transaction, I went to find someone I know to weigh my goods and discovered that the seller had given me two ounces less. I was not happy and went back to complain. The seller had to admit his wrongdoing and wanted to compensate me by giving me a small piece for free. I was not satisfied. I found one of the best pieces in the pile that weighed almost a quarter of a kilogram and self-righteously left. I was pleased that I had not been taken advantage of. I then went to a butcher's shop and bought one kilogram of meat. I divided the meat into two parts once I got home, one for dinner that night and another for the following day. I placed the reserved part in a pot, together with a bowl of meat soup, and covered it.

The next morning when I lifted the lid on the pot, I was surprised to find that the meat was gone, yet the bowl of soup was intact. There were only two of us at home. If the cat stole it, it surely would have spilled the soup. But the soup was untouched and only the meat was missing. How inconceivable it was! My husband, however, made the following comment: "I have told you not to take advantage of others but you would not listen. See what has happened! You have lost more. How could you be regarded as a practitioner!" I suddenly came to my senses: I must get rid of this shameful attachment of mine and never take advantage of other people.

When I was only a teenager, a relative and I started to cheat others. We did this until a few years before I got married. As a result, many people suffered financially. I was trained to play cards for money and learned a trick to always win. I then performed in front of people and defrauded them. Some lost a lot of money and some won once in a while, but their chance of winning was less than 20 percent. However, the law of heaven is fair to everyone. I caught a severe disease and became disabled thereafter.

Only after I learned Falun Dafa did I begin to know how to live in the world. It was our Master that saved my soul. He has transformed me from a person harmful to society to a person who can save people by telling them about Dafa.