(Minghui.org) Recently, someone from Wuhan City, Hubei Province spread rumors to Mainland practitioners that overseas practitioners want to manufacture their own satellite and need a lot of money. He said he was directed by Master to do this, and that someone was in direct contact with Master and the money would all go to Master. He said that practitioners in Mainland China who were capable of contributing should do so, and so on. Some practitioners believed this deception and opened up their purse-strings, including some who emptied many years worth of savings. There were scenes of people lining up to give money to those collecting money. There was also someone from Wuhan City collecting money in the name of creating an Epoch Times newspaper for Mainland China, claiming that clarifying the truth from a positive angle was out of date. This person also spread a rumor that a practitioner who tried to stop these actions "already met with retribution."

Those Dafa practitioners who want to truly cultivate should all be on alert: since the CCP began persecuting Falun Gong in 1999, there has always been people collecting funds among practitioners in China under various pretenses. For instance, not long ago, someone in Wuhan City claimed to be urgently collecting funds for the New Tang Dynasty TV station and the Epoch Times in the name of Master and his wife. In the past few years in Dalian City, there have been people who asked for money repeatedly by falsely using Master's name. Someone in the Liaoning area collected funds, falsely claiming that it was to celebrate Master's birthday, that Master wants to do some project, or that NTDTV plans to host some activities, etc. The fundamental nature of these collection activities is the same--no matter how many guises are made up and whose names they falsely invoke, all of it is undermining Mainland Chinese Dafa disciples' environment for clarifying the truth and their source of funds. This is intentionally interfering with Mainland Chinese Dafa disciples' cultivation, and their acts are scams and undermining the Fa. Besides those special agents and con-men who are taking advantage of gaps, all those practitioners who joined in collecting the funds are cooperating with the CCP spies and doing what the meddling deities want to do the most, which is working with the evil to destroy those Dafa disciples that they do not find up to par and persecuting people in the world who have not yet fully recognized the facts.

Today, we are publicly reiterating what we have told Mainland Chinese practitioners who sought verification in past years: Master never has, nor ever will, ask for money from Mainland Chinese disciples. Dafa disciples should not, regardless of the reason, do things that directly contradict respecting and believing in Master and the Fa. Many projects that overseas disciples are doing directly support, verbally and materially, Mainland Chinese disciples in opposing the persecution and clarifying the truth. They would not turn around and accept funds from Mainland disciples. Mainland Chinese disciples should focus their thoughts, energy and resources on the harrowing environment that is Mainland China, and more effectively oppose the persecution, validate the Fa, and seize the time to save the masses of Chinese people, who are trapped before a great catastrophe. This is what Mainland disciples must do well, and these are their monumental, historical vows that they are to fulfill. Before the end of the persecution, we will not establish a public media in Mainland China, but instead increase our efforts to expose the persecution, completely expose the CCP's fundamental nature, and clarify the facts about Falun Gong from a positive angle.

Why are some practitioners still fooled by the repeated instances of fund collection and swindling activities, even though the formula has been the same each time? Why is it that after each act of interference and disruption was exposed, there are still those who repeat the same mistakes the next time? Even today, there are still many practitioners, who even though they were fortunate enough to obtain the Fa, they have stagnated for a long time at the human level and don't know what it means to advance diligently within the Fa. They don't carry out their responsibility to all beings, and even today they don't understand what Dafa cultivation is and what it means to "take the Fa as teacher." Each time after their muddleheaded actions are corrected, they are satisfied with stopping at superficial acts, and they neglect to reach a deeper understanding of the Fa principles and don't look inwards. They continue to hang on tightly to a mentality of pursuit and other attachments--this is not cultivation, and they have no way of establishing the mighty virtue that Fa-rectification Period Dafa Disciples are to have. There is no shortcut in cultivation. Without strictly holding oneself to Zhuan Falun and all of the scriptures that Master has published, how can one be worthy of the solemn, magnificent title of "Fa-rectification Period Dafa Disciple"?

To those who still do not know how to study the Fa and cultivate their xinxing, still refuse to do the three things steadily, and do not understand the Fa based on the Fa--if you don't awaken, you will be very regretful in the near future!

June 9, 2007