(Clearwisdom.net) In the past few weeks, I attended the weekend group sharing in Berlin. I found that whenever I told others about the specific need to distribute flyers at theaters, such as which theater needs more people and how big of an audience was there, some practitioners wanted to know more about my motivation. They asked: "Why did you come to Berlin to distribute flyers? What is the reason for you to do this day after day?" I would like to share about why I came to Berlin.

1. The Chinese New Year Spectacular Can Save People Who Have Not Taken A Position on the Chinese Communist Party (CCP)

After the Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party was published in November 2004, I began to send copies to people. Since the summer of 2005, I have been distributing the German version of the Nine Commentaries. On New Year's Day 2006, I decided to use the Internet to encourage the Mainland Chinese people to quit their affiliations with the CCP. Among all the people I contacted, only about one percent clearly indicated their position about the CCP's evil nature.

A childhood friend works in a military hospital. After reading Chapter One of the Nine Commentaries, he said, "I don't want to continue, the topics are too heavy." Both he and his wife are successful doctors, so they think it doesn't matter who's in power, since experts are always needed. They thought the Nine Commentaries was revealing the dark side of the CCP, is anti-communist, and the people who promote Nine Commentaries are interested in gaining power. They would rather wait for someone to overthrow the CCP so they can continue to work as technical experts. They believe that no matter who's in power, they won't be treated too badly.

Another friend believed that making money is more important. Many of his friends have the Nine Commentaries in their possession, but they feel that they don't have time to read and their business is more important. Most people are that way. I met someone on the Internet. He has finished reading the Nine Commentaries but has not quit the CCP yet. He said that he plans to wait for a while.

For those people who don't read or have not finished reading the Nine Commentaries and those who have read it but are still waiting, I have always wondered what to do and how should I break through the barriers. Practitioners all know that if one doesn't clarify his position on the CCP and on issues involving the organ harvesting, then their future will not be good. The Chinese New Year Spectacular is a chance to rectify the CCP's destruction of 5,000 years of Chinese history and to save many people in a positive way.

For example, when I clarify the truth on the Internet, only one percent of the Chinese people will quit the CCP and say "Thank you." Now on Berlin's streets, I tell people "Welcome, visitors, to the Global Chinese New Year Spectacular!" Almost all of them have said, "Thank you" or "Thanks, I have it already." My feeling is like when people fall into water and you offer to save them with the Nine Commentaries, they don't like it; they prefer a boat that they like instead. The flyers for the Chinese New Year Spectacular shows are just the boat they like.

2. As Long As You Won't Feel Regret

Telling people about the organ harvesting on the Internet is one of the best ways to persuade people to quit the CCP, because this is the bottom line of human decency. If people don't even indicate their position on this horrible atrocity then they are most likely not savable. When I try to persuade people to quit the CCP, I have found that many people are afraid of the evil CCP and many refuse to listen to the truth. When I discussed this phenomenon with practitioners in North America, they told me that the old forces arranged for the evil party to pollute the mainland people for 57 years and for the CCP to lure the Western people with business interests. This is really not fair. But we have also realized that one year is such a short time compared to 57 years. Sometimes in 30 minutes we have the opportunity to dissolve the evil spirit that has been imprinted on that person's mind for 57 years. We must dissolve the evil poison in their brains; this is validating Dafa disciples' mighty virtue and is very meaningful. Master said on many occasions that we have to save as many sentient beings as possible. No matter how hard we have tried, the number of people to be eliminated is going to be huge. Recently some practitioners asked Master what is our scope in encouraging people to quit the CCP? Master said, "You should do it to the extent that you won't feel regret in the future." (paraphrase).

Whenever I meet fellow practitioners from different countries on the Internet, we will have a brief experience sharing on the problems we encountered during the day. We ask each other, "Regarding the person you spent 30 minutes with and he refused to quit, you must then ask yourself, 'If he is eliminated in the future, will you feel sorry?'" Sometimes I also ask myself, "What about the person who gave me a hard time? When it comes to the big elimination in the future, will I feel that I have done everything for him?" I still keep many of my chat mates in my computer because I asked myself this question and decided to keep them. I decided to give them more opportunities using the Quit-the-CCP news.

I have been distributing flyers in Berlin for nearly three months. I had a deep feeling about the old force's arrangement: "Perhaps 1,000 poor people out of 10,000 will survive and only two or three rich people out of 10,000 will survive." We must negate this arrangement. Now I use a mini DVD player to show the beauty of the Spectacular. Some well-to-do people began to accept my flyers. I don't know them, but many of them know me. Every day I go to the theaters two hours before the shows and play the eight-minute promotional show from the 2006 Gala. I repeat it to show everyone until they all have gone into the theater. I found that many people could understand the Gala shows. Gods are behind the music, and they are waking up people that are confused with beautiful music. Yesterday a man walked towards me from the crowd. He was surprised that the Gala music was so beautiful. He said he had never heard such wonderful music before. He is a music teacher.

3. The Chinese New Year Spectacular Shows are a Life-Saving Boat That People Like

I traveled 300 kilometers to Berlin to promote the Chinese New Year Spectacular shows because I went to Manhattan in 2005 and knew how much the Chinese people liked to take the flyers. I also remembered when a Westerner heard a key expression from me after he passed, he turned back and asked for a flyer. There were so many of these kinds of experiences. In 2005 in Manhattan, many Westerners and some old people saw volunteers wearing fairy costumes distributing flyers. They would say, "I have seen you before."

One day, an old couple waited outside of the theater for returned tickets. Someone offered a $30 ticket and another offered a $100 ticket. They refused to take them but insisted on waiting for two $100 tickets. Finally they got them. I asked them why they didn't call the ticket hotline, and they said they had tried but the line was always busy. I asked them where they learned about the show and they said that they received a flyer in Chinatown. This incident made a deep impression in my mind. The knowing side of people is telling them to do things like this.

4. Catch Up with the Fa Rectification Process

I distributed over 4,000 German Nine Commentaries in the city where I live. When I was debating about what to do next, news about the organ harvesting broke. I began to distribute flyers revealing this atrocity and handed out over 20,000 of them. During the process, I witnessed many people, who had kept quiet until then, begin to express their outrage and thus positioned themselves in the right place. Later I began to chat on the Internet to persuade people to quit the CCP. After two months of chatting, when I was discussing with fellow practitioners about how to dissolve 57 years of poison in 30 minutes, I heard that Gala organizers in New York had invited practitioners to see the pre-show. The pre-show moved many practitioners to tears. After they returned home, they re-doubled their effort like charged batteries. Soon the Spectacular promotion flyers came out. I felt the urgency and fast speed of Fa rectification. Every phase has its' own focal point. They are all important, but there is still a priority. Therefore, I came to Berlin.

When I began to distribute the flyers, I also realized that while doing this I need to study the Fa and cultivate myself as well, which will also make my efforts more effective.

5. More People Like to Chat with Me about Quitting the CCP

When I began to hand out flyers, some chat buddies from the past came back to talk. Sometimes, when I got ready to leave and my green light was still on, someone still wanted to chat. I told him I had no more time to chat. Gradually, he realized that I was distributing flyers. Once he asked, "Is the Chinese government against the show?" I said, "The show reflects 5,000 years of traditional culture and arts, why would anyone be against the show?" He asked about money. I told him that I am a volunteer. Later I realized that I can't ignore the Chinese people on the Internet just because I am distributing flyers. Their questions were about exactly what I had tried to clarify to them a few months ago. I also discovered that when I sent articles about quitting the CCP to people in China, fewer people would argue or curse me. Before I began promoting the Chinese New Year Spectacular shows, almost all the feedback I received was bad. But after I came to Berlin, I received much positive feedback. I told a fellow practitioner in the US who also was promoting the Chinese New Year Spectacular shows. She had the same experience. Now she receives more positive feedback from her automatic phone messages. We realized that the Chinese New Year Spectacular shows are an expedited process for saving people.

When I felt tired or when no one took my flyers, I knew this was the time to study the Fa. I would go to a subway station near the Opera House and sit down to study the Fa for two hours until it came time for the audience to enter the theater. I would tell myself, "It's time for the battle between the righteous and evil." Then I would walk toward the theater while sending forth righteous thoughts. I normally go to the theater two hours before the show. When no one is there, I study the Fa. This is the best time to study. I remember better and the effect is best. If I see someone, chances are they are from out of town and it's more likely we can have a long talk.

I distribute flyers amidst four million Berlin people. I have no barriers but always find new wisdom. We are racing with the old forces to save four million people. In this battle I am able to improve my own cultivation. There are a lot of things to do and a lot of joy. Once a security guard took my flyer. After he read it, he came back to tell me, "You should pass flyers out over there, where there are more people." When I got there, I found it was where the up and down escalators met.

At night when I played the promotional DVD to the subway workers, they were very interested. Once a seven member crew saw the DVD and asked if they could buy group tickets. All those who completed watching the eight-minute show indicated that they would definitely attend the show.

In January 2007, more people saw my DVD shows. I also got to know better what was on people's minds. Some people thought we were selling the tickets for a salary, so I told them that I was a volunteer. I just feel that for such a wonderful show, it would be a shame if people didn't know the truth about the CCP. I want everyone to know what the real arts of China--without the CCP's pollution--look like. I told people, "You can check on the Internet to see New Tang Dynasty's programming. It includes things like last years' show and their touring performances around the world." People would tell me, "I would rather watch the live show in the theater."

I discovered that using last year's DVD to promote this year's Chinese New Year Spectacular shows produced a very good result. This way we don't have to show our new performance, which may not be good for ticket sales. In the meantime, we can interact with people and inform them with the latest truth clarifying information. In the past, I rarely gave flyers to tourists. Now I think we can tell them to watch the show on the Internet. To the tourists who come near showtime, they may also come to enjoy the live show.

I then realized a big loophole in my cultivation: I could only realize what needed to be done individually and do it myself, but I did not think about the whole group and make efforts to improve the whole group's cultivation. Last year I heard that a coordinator got into a hard tribulation because he was too busy coordinating to study the Fa himself. On the surface, this was one practitioner's omission. But later I realized that I also had an omission. That practitioner did a lot of work. We should have helped him, but we were too busy studying the Fa. So how could he find time to study the Fa? We should focus on cultivating the whole group and validating the group's mighty virtue. The process of the Chinese New Year Spectacular shows is also a process for everyone to take action. Then we can talk about saving more people. Berlin's population is four million. How could a few practitioners save all of them? So our collective wisdom and group sharing is very important. We should make every effort to achieve Master's plan as a group. A US practitioner told me that after they studied "Teaching the Fa at the 2003 Atlanta Fa Conference," all practitioners in their city had an emergency experience sharing and the next day ticket sales greatly improved.

January 12, 2007