Restrain the Evil As a Group

During April 2001, I was illegally detained in a forced labor camp. One day the guards called 22 practitioners into a meeting room. We did not know what was going on at first. We then learned that they were going to show us videos that slandered Falun Dafa, so everyone sent forth a strong righteous thought that the video machine would malfunction. Indeed, the police could not show the video no matter what. They found another video player, but it also did not work. The guards were puzzled. It worked well one moment and was dead the next. Almost an hour passed and nothing worked. They finally had to dismiss us. Of course, every practitioner knew the reason why. We were very happy.

A few days later, the guards took us to another area of the labor camp to watch the video. We reminded each other to repeat our righteous thoughts to disable the video equipment, but this time the video worked. Many practitioners experienced headaches, nausea, and other discomfort halfway through the video. Some even vomited and it was so chaotic that the evil guards asked us to leave before the video finished. We asked ourselves why our righteous thoughts did not work this time, but we hadn't learned to search within ourselves yet. We didn't realize it was our human hearts that caused this.

Thinking back now, I realize that we all had an attachment to zealotry and a show-off mentality. Hence, those evil officers were able to take advantage of our loophole.

Maintain a Single Thought to Break Through the Skill Barrier

I was released from the forced labor camp in October 2001 and returned home. Many truth-clarifying materials sites had been destroyed in our local area, and we could not find Master's scriptures. Practitioners nearby either had financial difficulties or had family members who were not supportive. I spoke to Master in my heart. "I wish to buy a computer and a printer to make Dafa materials. Master, please help me." At that time, I couldn't think of too many other things. I just wanted to read Master's new scriptures. A miracle occurred. I had never touched a mouse before and even to this day I cannot read pinyin. I use a tablet to write Chinese characters. I was able to break through the Internet blockade in China with the help of Master's arrangements. Fellow practitioners and family members offered what help they could. I have downloaded Master's new articles, various truth-clarifying materials from the Minghui/Clearwisdom website and learned to design pamphlets, edit pictures, and process photos using photo arts over the last seven years. I produced copies of the Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party from printing to paper cutting and stapling. I burned VCDs, learned to use artistic fonts in photo design, and processed different types of files. I was even able to provide computer support help to practitioners around me.

My husband still does not cultivate, but he has been my best assistant during the past decade. He followed me everywhere, as I clarified the truth and validated the Fa. Sometimes I even felt he did better than I. He was never afraid, even when evil events were at their peak from July 20, 1999 to 2002. He dared to clarify the truth to about 20 policemen standing in front of him, and he kept helping Dafa practitioners. Everyone who came to our home told us they felt they had returned to their homes. I thought maybe they felt this way because Master is in my home. It is this same reason that enabled me to accomplish all these extraordinary works.

It took me a whole day to break through the fear of writing articles. Now I feel it was not that difficult after all. The hardest things to let go of were human fear and laziness. If we truly believe in Master and the Fa, then there is nothing that cannot be done well. The blessed joy that I feel now is indescribable. I thank the practitioners in Hubei Province for all their help.

Fellow practitioners, please kindly point out anything inappropriate or insufficient.