(Clearwisdom.net) New York State Assemblyman Karim Camara sent a letter to congratulate NTDTV's great achievement in the production of Holiday Wonders. Below is the text of her letter.

New York State Assembly

December 5, 2007

Dear President Lee,

I am writing to congratulate you and all participants in this year's production of Holiday Wonders.

In a city as diverse as ours, it is important for all New Yorkers to see and to be exposed to the rich cultures and traditions that contribute to that diversity. Yours is a unique and innovative holiday production that works to maintain, preserve, and to simultaneously explain how different people share the same holidays.

The Chinese culture is one of the oldest and most vibrant, and I am confident that your show will bring the dynamic Chinese cultural experience to all in attendance.

Once again, congratulations on this great achievement, and good luck to all of the performers.

Best regards,

Karim Camara
Member of the Assembly