(Clearwisdom.net) NTDTV's Holiday Wonders performed by the Divine Performing Arts will be shown on December 18-26, 2007, at the Beacon Theatre, 2124 Broadway, New York City. New York State Senator Carl Kruger wrote a letter to congratulate NTDTV, as well as the global Chinese Community, on the occasion of the Holiday Wonders Showcase Celebration. Below is the text of the letter.

New York State Senator Carl Kruger

The Senate
State of New York
December 18, 2007

Dear Friends,

It is my distinct honor to congratulate New Tang Dynasty Television, as well as the global Chinese Community, on the occasion of your Holiday Wonders Showcase Celebration.

New Tang Dynasty Television is the largest independent, nonprofit Chinese-language television network in the world, with reporters and correspondents in over sixty international cities. Your network provides the highest quality entertainment, all the while bringing together the East and West with knowledge of the "Land of Divine".

In keeping with NTDTV tradition, tonight we gather to witness the beauty and grace of traditional Chinese dance and music fused with Western style artistry. The support and encouragement of such performances instills the importance of freedom and peace throughout our community. With the help of NTDTV, the thought that we will live in a harmonious, culturally sensitive world will become a reality.

Best of luck to tonight's performers and may you all enjoy a very happy holiday season. Have a great evening.


Carl Kruger
Member of Senate