Greetings, Master!

Greetings, Fellow Practitioners!

I'd like to share with everyone my cultivation experience during the past several years. I started practicing Falun Gong in 1995. Because of the persecution, I have walked a tortuous path. First, I lost my job due to the persecution. In June 2004, I came home from being imprisoned in a forced labor camp. In order to make a living, I bought a motorcycle with other practitioners' help and started a motorcycle taxi business. My mission of saving sentient beings during Fa rectification started there.

About a dozen of us were in this business together, and we took turns taxiing people to their destinations. Shortly after I joined the business, one of my colleagues angrily said to me, "You are a Falun Gong practitioner just out of prison. Are you still practicing?" Facing this abrupt question, I answered, "Yes." He calmed down after I answered him, and the atmosphere became more peaceful. I subsequently told everyone at work about Falun Gong, how the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) deceives people, and how practitioners were persecuted in the forced labor camps. After days of clarifying the truth to them, their minds changed a lot and most of them approved of Dafa thereafter. I also gave everyone a copy of Zhuan Falun, and kindly tried to persuade them to withdraw from the CCP and its affiliated organizations. Most of them made the right choice. During the past several years, some colleagues left and some new ones came. I know deeply that they came here to establish a predestined relationship with the Fa and were waiting to be saved. I didn't miss a single opportunity and presented the beauty of Dafa to everyone.

The foundation for truth clarification and saving sentient beings is Fa study. The better we study the Fa, the more compassionate we are, the stronger our righteous thoughts are, and the more people we can save. I would like to share several typical examples that I encountered during my truth clarification efforts. Initially I had difficulty opening my mouth and I was very anxious. I resented myself because I felt useless. "Where was the obstacle?" I wondered. Through Fa study, I enlightened that my fear was that I might mess things up. So I made up my mind to break through it.

One time a young man stopped me and asked me to drive him to a certain destination and then drive him back. We negotiated that the fee would be seven yuan. He was very pleased and started chatting with me right after he got on board. He believed that I must have been new at this business since I was not cunning. I thought this was a good opportunity to clarify the truth to him. I summoned up my courage and told him that I had just been released from a forced labor camp and had to do this business to make a living. Then I told him why I was detained, what Falun Gong was, what kind of people Falun Gong practitioners are, and how Jiang's evil regime persecutes kind practitioners. The young man listened attentively and asked many questions. I had not clarified the truth to a stranger for a long time, and I was very excited and deeply touched. Tears ran down my cheeks the entire time.

When we arrived at his destination, he gave me ten yuan and I should have given him three in change. But I only had two yuan with me. What should I do? I asked him to pay just five yuan. He disagreed and said he didn't want me to lose any money. I told him it was not a problem. Both of us insisted for several minutes. Finally, he thanked me and said, "I really met a good person today." From his eyes, I saw the understanding, respect, and longing from this sentient being.

After I made this first breakthrough, things became easier. I kept improving by learning from my experiences. According to the person, the weather, or the routine, I clarified the truth from many different angles and talked about the beauty of Dafa according to their understanding and level. My motorcycle taxi business is in my residential area, so many people in this area knew about my situation. I was able to clarify the truth to them about both my and my family's persecution experiences. After a couple of years, I felt the surrounding environment change significantly.

After the Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party was published, I had to face a new requirement. For a while, I was not able to catch up because I was unwilling to open my mouth.

One evening, a big guy said he wanted to pay two yuan to go somewhere, even though the regular price was three yuan. No other driver wanted to do it so they asked me to go. I accepted the fare reluctantly. Right before we drove off, he told me to detour along the way. I became unhappy that I was losing money already and yet he asked for more. After we arrived at his destination, he asked me to drive further. This ignited my human notions. I stopped the bike and refused to go any further. I believed that I had already drove him further than I was supposed to and he seemed like a person with no credit.

Because I refused to do as he had asked, he punched me in the head after he got off the bike and threw away my bike key. He kept cursing. I suddenly enlightened that I had behaved like an ordinary person. I then told him, "I am a Falun Gong practitioner and I don't want to argue with you. You can go and don't need to pay me." When I calmed down, he calmed down as well. He cursed a few more times and left. I found the bike key and went directly home. I thought to myself that I didn't want to do any more business that day and that I should go home and look inward. I knew I must have a big loophole, and that's why I was punched. Through Fa study, I found that I wasn't doing the three things well. I forgot to save sentient beings, instead I selfishly pursued a little bit of personal gain. What's why that big guy verbally abused me for having no conscience. I felt ashamed.

From then on, I didn't do anything like that again and I also studied the Fa more diligently. At the same time, I discovered that saving sentient beings could not be done by merely talking about it. Instead, our cultivation had to truly reach that level. Once, at the procuratorate residential buildings, a middle-aged man wanted a ride. I sensed that he was a government official. I thought that no matter who he was, I should clarify the truth to him. I started to try to persuade him to quit the CCP. He said to me, "Do you know who I work for? And yet you ask me to quit the CCP?" I told him, "It does not matter who you are, I am doing this for your benefit. I mean no harm to you and I believe you can sense that."

He told me that he was the Party secretary of his workplace and it would be difficult for him to withdraw from the CCP. He said that I must be a Falun Gong practitioner. I answered "Yes" without any hesitation. Then he silently listened to me all the way to his destination. When we arrived, he said to me, "Young man, please be careful about your safety. Think of the consequences if you happened to give a ride to a plainclothes policeman."

I also ran into many people who didn't want to hear the truth and even wanted to report me to the authorities. Once a middle-age man asked for a ride to go to a shopping center. I told him about quitting the CCP. He said, "You must be a Falun Gong practitioner. I will report you to the authorities."

I had run into this kind of situation many times before. I calmly said, "Most of the residents and police officers in this area know that I am a practitioner. I have also been detained for several years just for being a Falun Gong practitioner. Everyone knows my situation. No other government tortures people like the CCP, but it cannot stop us from talking about it. You can judge for yourself how bad this Party is. Clarifying the truth is against the Party rules and a crime. Do we have human rights here? Moreover, we practice qigong and don't do any bad deeds. I believe you are a kind person." He didn't say anything afterwards. When he paid me, I saw his eyes full of understanding.

During my interactions with customers, I try to avoid arguing about the fee so as not to push away anyone with predestined relationships. For the past several years, I have done things this way. Almost every day, I clarify the truth and save sentient beings.