(Clearwisdom.net) Mr. Huang Fujun was a Falun Dafa practitioner living in Acheng District, Harbin City, Heilongjiang Province. On July 24, 2007, Mr. Huang Fujun and another practitioner, Mr. Huang Tiebo, were both arrested by police officers, including officer Wang Ying (gender unknown), when passing out truth clarifying materials in the Hebeitun Area of Madian Village, Songfengshan Town, Acheng District. Police detained him for nearly four months in the Acheng District First Detention Center. Mr. Huang went on a hunger strike to protest the long, illegal detention and was tortured with force-feeding. He lost consciousness and had difficulty breathing. A large area of his skin had festered. He had multiple injuries on his body. His hands and feet were severely swollen and showed deep scars caused by shackles and cuffs. He was merely skin and bones.

On October 31, 2007, guards in the detention center rushed him to Acheng Traditional Medicine Hospital for resuscitation. He was unconscious, but the guards still handcuffed and shackled him onto the hospital bed. His friends and family saw that the force-feeding tube was still in him. His fellow practitioners and friends and family tried to rescue him and requested to have him released, but the Police Department, Procuratorate, and Justice Bureau of Acheng City delayed, claiming that they needed to have a meeting to discuss his case. Finally, when they saw he was dying on November 3, 2007, they agreed to release him on medical parole. He was in a coma the whole time, and he could not talk or recognize his friends or family. He did instinctively ingest some liquid food, but he never regained full consciousness. He died at home at 8 p.m. on November 6, 2007, only three days after returning home.

Acheng District 610 Office Chief, Wang Xiaoguang (male): 86-451-53760501 (Office), 86-451-53734388 (Home
Acheng District 610 Office Deputy Chief, Wu Da (male) office: 86-451-57170124, 86-451-53761240
Acheng District 610 Office agent Li Juncheng (male): 86-13074597115 (Cell)
Songfengshan Town Police Station Director's office: 86-451-53831258, 86-451-53890258
Songfengshan Town Police Station Deputy Director's office: 86-451-53731258, 86-451-53834688
Acheng District Police Department Director Zhang Yabin's office: 86-451-53778889
Acheng District Police Department Legal Justice Office: 86-451-53762334
Acheng District First Detention Center Director's office:86-451-53714847
Acheng District Case Preparation office: 86-451-53720334

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