Ms. Liu Jinhua Died As a Result of Persecution

Ms. Liu Jianhua, 44, was an employee of Hongjiang Weaving Equipment Manufacturing Factory. After she began practicing Falun Gong in the beginning of 1998, all of her health problems disappeared. She was well known to her neighbors as a kind person.

When the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) began its persecution of Falun Gong on July 20, 1999, Ms. Liu Jianhua went to Beijing to appeal on behalf of the practice. However, she was illegally arrested by the Hongjiang City Police and sent to the Hongjiang Detention Center, where she was detained for over three months. The detention guards also extorted 4000 yuan from her.

In December 2000, she went to Beijing to appeal again and was arrested. The Hongjiang police took her back to her hometown and detained her for three months. She was later "illegally sentenced" to one year of forced labor and sent to Baimalong Forced Labor Camp in Zhuzhou City, Hunan Province.

In 2002, the police ransacked her home and found Falun Gong related materials. As a result, they arrested her and sent her to a detention center for three months for the third time.

In 2003, 610 Office personnel broke into Ms. Liu's home, found one Falun Gong related item and used that as an excuse to arrest her for the fourth time. They then kept her at a detention center illegally for over seven months.

In November 2004, Huitong County police officer Yang Jinping arrested Ms. Liu while she was on her way to deliver truth-clarification materials. He dragged her by the hair for half a mile. Then he smashed her head against a car door until she lost consciousness because she refused to get in the police car. They took her to Huitong Detention Center, where she was immediately sentenced to two years of hard labor without even notifying her family.

At Zhuzhou City's Baimalong Forced Labor Camp, it is common that Falun Gong practitioners are detained in solitary confinement. Those who go on a hunger strike to protest the persecution are brutally forced-fed. Ms. Liu Jianhua was one of those practitioners who was cruelly forced-fed.

After being subjected to physical and mental persecution for many years, Ms. Liu developed high blood pressure and had problems with her heart, lungs and pancreas after being released from the labor camp. She also suffered from constant dizziness, memory loss, abnormal sweating and extreme weakness. She died on September 3, 2007.

Officers involved in persecuting Ms. Liu Jianhua:
Zhou Wei, the former head of the Political Protection Department at the Hongjiang District Public Security Bureau, is currently the head of the Street Police Station. Since 1999, he's been in charge of persecuting Falun Gong practitioners in the Hongjiang District. 86-13607418313 (Cell)
Yu Huimin currently works with the Hongjiang District Political Protection Department and always takes part in persecuting practitioners. 86-13607418455 (Cell)
Wang Lin, second in command at the Hongjiang District's 610 Office: 86-13973078626 (Cell)
Li Jine: Hongjiang, on the district 610 Office staff, always takes part in persecuting practitioners.
Meng Zhiyong, on the Hongjiang district 610 Office staff, always takes part in persecuting practitioners.
Yu Yiqiang, Hongjiang district 610 Office staff member who always takes part in persecuting practitioners, is directly involved in the death of practitioner Ms. Liu Jianhua.
Lin Qiu, Huitong County Detention Center Director: 86-13874407867(Cell)
County 610 Office: 86-745-8850610
Li Zajin, involved in persecuting Ms. Liu Jianhua: 86-13007457933 (Cell)
Yang Jinping, Political Protection Office Manager at Huitong County Public Security Bureau, was the person who dragged Ms. Liu Jianhua by the hair for half a mile.

Ms. Zhao Yazhen from Qiqihaer City Died as a Result of Torture

Ms. Zhao Yazhen began practicing Falun Gong in 1995. Her health problems the disappeared and she became healthier. She was also an assistant at the group practice site. After the CCP began the persecution of Falun Gong in 1999, Ms. Zhao was illegally arrested three times.

By the end of 2004, she had been arrested and detained at the Fulaerji Detention Center, where, she was inhumanely tortured. As a result, her health deteriorated and she contracted tuberculosis. After going on a hunger strike for a few days, she was released on bail. However, the Party-controlled court still gave her a heavy prison term of five years.

The police constantly harassed her at home, causing her health to deteriorate further. Even then, she still insisted on doing some truth-clarification work. By the middle of summer 2007, her whole body swelled up severely and she died on September 23 at the age of 51.