Hello, Uncles and Aunties,

I am 16-year-old Zhong Caiyi, son of Zhong Fangqiong.

At about 4 p.m., on the afternoon of August 1, a dozen plain clothed police broke into our home to arrest my mom. They forced Uncle Li and a few of us children who were there to the ground. They kicked and beat Uncle Li, and then ransacked our home. They confiscated our cell phones and bags. They also refused to allow my sister-in-law to use the bathroom. Finally, they took four kids away, including a nine-year-old to the detention center at Shuangnan Police Station (in Sichuan Province). We were not allowed to speak to each other. At 1 p.m., they transferred us to Tiaochenghe Police Station, where plain clothed police from Jianyang interrogated us and treated us like criminals. By 3 a.m. we had still not been released, not until they took pictures of my cousin and me. After we got home, police officers from Tiaochenghe Police Station still called my uncle to check up on us.

My mom was arrested again and I was home alone. This was the 30th time that my mom had been arrested. Police officers repeatedly arrested my mom because she practiced Falun Gong. I know that Falun Gong teaches people to be good - my mom is one of the best people in the world. My mom has truly felt the beautifulness of "Truth, Compassion, Forbearance" and she also wants to bring the beauty of Falun Gong to people who are still suffering.

Our family has had many problems: my mom had a pre-natal vascular tumor and she was born with a physical disability to her right leg, my grandfather couldn't do manual labor after he had an operation, my aunt developed infantile paralysis when she was five and she became handicapped because they couldn't afford the medication. My mom grew up in such wretched conditions that after she got a little older, she began helping her parents do some fieldwork to make some money to cover her mother's medical expenses.

As an adult, she couldn't find a full-time job because of her disability and could only manage to find part time manual labor. During that time her situation deteriorated.

Because of her leg, she married in haste. When I was three years old, my parents divorced and I lived with my mom.

Later, as my mother's illness progressed she faced paralysis at any moment. Looking for a cure she went many places and spent 380,000 yuan on medical treatments, but to no avail.

Just then, my mom learned Falun Gong. After she has been practicing Falun Gong for a couple of months, the tumor which had tortured my mom for decades, and is currently deemed an incurable disease internationally, just disappeared. I finally had a healthy and happy mother. It is Falun Gong that has given my mom a second life! It was Falun Gong's Teacher who saved my mom!!

I understand that Falun Gong is wonderful, as the principle of "one person practices, the whole family benefits." I didn't do well in primary school, but after my mom began to practice Falun Gong, her transformation also impacted me. Everyone says that I became an honest and obedient child. When I was in grade 6, I won third place in the Chengdu City Typing Competition. When I was admitted to junior high school, I excelled in math and physics.

Since the start of the persecution in July 1999, my mom has been detained and sent to forced labor camps for detention time after time and our home has been ransacked time and again. My mom suffered from all kinds of inhuman torture. I have memories from when I was 10 years old. Every time my mom returned home from being arrested and suffering cruel tortures, she appeared to be close to death. I would stay awake the whole night with her beside me, I was so afraid that she would die or be arrested again.

One time, my mom was detained at Jianyang Detention Center in Sichuan Province. Police officers tied my mom to a "deathbed" with a strong rope for a long time. If she moved her head even a little bit, she would be hurt by the rope right beneath her jaw. Since she was tied up on the bed, she couldn't get up and use the bathroom as she wished; her urine and excrement had to flow through a hole in the bed and she suffered from cruel beatings from the guards. One time, acting on orders issued by the guards, two inmates knocked my mom in the head with a handcuff. Her head split open, and she was bleeding profusely. She didn't get released to come home until she was dying.

On December 9, 2002, my mom was followed and arrested by spies from the National Security Team. She was first detained at Guangrong Police Station, and later transfered to the fourth floor in Baifurong Building. For five days, she was locked to a chair and guards took turns torturing her. They also deprived her of sleep. As soon as she closed her eyes, they beat her, swore at her and poured cold water over her. During that period, my mom wasn't given any water to drink and she appeared to be muddle-headed. On the morning of the sixth day, when those guards were asleep, my mom's handcuffs fell off. She was in such extreme agony that she climbed onto a windowsill and jumped from the fourth floor. (Note: It is clearly indicated in Falun Gong that killing a life is a sin, committing suicide is a sin. My mom didn't mean to do that. It was because she was not in her right mind as a result of the torture.)

The bones in her right leg fractured and her left foot was also wounded. She was paralyzed from the waist down. From 8 a.m. when she jumped out the window to 5 p.m. in the afternoon, for nearly nine hours my mom lay unconscious. Police officers didn't attempt any rescue efforts. They just simply threw her into a police vehicle. Not until 6 p.m. did they take her to the hospital. Later I found out from one police officer that a kind-hearted person called the emergency.

Because my mom's situation was extremely critical, the hospital said many times that they could not do anything else for her. Not until that point did police officers from Guangrong District Police Station and the 610 Office carry my mom home. After she got home, she persistently listened to Teacher's lectures. My 70-year-old grandfather and I took extremely good care of my mom. A miracle happened again: two months later, my mom could do the exercises, and three months later, she could walk. It was Teacher's Falun Gong that saved my mom again. At that time, I was only 11 years old.

From the beginning of persecution to the time when my mom was arrested, there have been four relevant workplaces that participated in persecuting my mom. My mom has suffered from all kinds of cruel torture; her persecution account could go on for 72 hours.

For the past eight years, my mom was either arrested, or was forced to leave home and wander about. She couldn't go home. Her business partners were affected as well. They were not allowed to do business with my mom, otherwise they would have faced a 100,000 yuan penalty. We lead a very difficult life due to a lack of income. The most difficult time was when for two years in a row we couldn't afford to pay tuition.

A few years ago, because my grandmother worried about my mom for so long, and she was afraid that police officers would come to her home and harass her, she was under extreme pressure, and as a result, she became sick and passed away. After I lost my grandma, I went to live with my cousin who was a few years older than me. My young cousin had to work during the day, and do overtime in the evening, so I was alone most of the time. Not until six months ago did I finally go back to living with my mom again. Even though our living conditions are poor, to be able to live with my mom again is happiness enough. However, now my mom has been arrested again. Where are you, mom? I am so worried about you.

Uncle and aunties, my mom is a person who lives for the benefit of others and is kind-hearted. She should not be arrested, please help us to get her released as soon as possible - for a child without his mom is so painful.

Zhong Fangqiong's son

Zhong Caiyi

August 2007