(Clearwisdom.net) We are the younger sisters of Ms. Yu Jingxia, a Falun Gong practitioner. The persecution she has suffered during all these years is like a heavy stone around out necks and makes it hard to breathe. However, there is no one who will help us. Therefore, we are telling out story in the hope that people will hear the truth. We hope that the truth will awaken the people's righteous power so they can make right the wrong for our elder sister and brother-in-law. They are suffering inhuman persecution and their lives are in danger.

Second Younger Sister's Statement:

One evening before the October 1, 2001, Elder Sister Yu Jingxia told us that she could no longer stay with me and Zhang Lu (Ms. Yu Jingixa's daughter who was only 11 at the time). The place where my brother-in-law Mr. Zhang Lingjiang used to process Fa-rectification materials was sealed and my brother-in-law disappeared. No one knew his whereabouts. My elder sister decided to leave to escape arrest by the police. That night Zhang Lu was the only one staying at home. Later, we learned that my brother-in-law was arrested and sentenced to 12 years in prison. He is currently held at the Baoding Prison in Hebei Province. All of a sudden Zhang Lu became an orphan. She had no permanent place for some time and was overwhelmed because of the sudden changes. She told me more than once that she did not want to go to school. She wanted to find her mother. She said she would like to be with her mother even if it meant being homeless and wandering about. Now she is with us.

On January 17, 2004, the National Security Division of the Xinhua Police Sub-bureau informed us over the phone that my elder sister had been arrested and held at the Dangjiazhuang Police Sub-station. The following day my family members and I went to see her. My elder sister described to the policemen the beauty of Falun Dafa with her own experiences, explained to them how wrong and ridiculous the persecution policy was and warned them that those who took part in the persecution of Falun Gong would meet with evil return. With sound reasoning and examples, she made the policemen including the head of the Police Sub-bureau Jin Zaicheng and the Head of the National Security Division Fan Zhimou unable to bring forward any further arguments. Fan Zhimou stood up and slapped my elder sister's face several times. Jin Zaicheng stroked the table and let out a stream of abuse. Pointing his finger at my elder sister he said, "You said I persecute you! You said I kill people! The policy toward Falun Gong is that it doesn't matter if some of the practitioners are dead. It is as simple as stepping on ants and killing them." I was really shocked on hearing what he had said. Wasn't Chinese law disregarding human life? It was shocking to see that Chinese law enforcers could act like hooligans! Before I went to the detention center, my elder sister mentioned she wanted to brush her teeth. I saw that her hands shook when she squeezed toothpaste. I could not tell weather she was excited or too weak.

Third Younger Sister's Statement

On January 17, 2004, my elder sister began a hunger strike (on food and on water) to protest the illegal persecution. On January 19 the Head of the National Division Fan Zhimou called me. He said that my elder sister refused to cooperate and he hoped that we sisters could persuade her. My second oldest sister and I were taken to the No. 2 Detention Center where we saw our elder sister who looked wane and sallow. Our meeting ended in the argument between my elder sister and the Head of the Police Sub-bureau Jin Zaicheng and the Political Commissar sir-named Ren. My second older sister and I wanted to persuade her not to be too stubborn and look after herself. However, my elder sister refused to cooperate with the evil doers. Jin Zaicheng was very angry. He looked very pale and walked out of the room with his hand on his chest.

After that, my second oldest sister and I were called to the detention center three times. When we were asked to go for the forth time to see my oldest sister, we were unwilling to go. I just did not want to see that my elder sister was getting thinner and more pallid. The detention center designated inmates to keep an eye on my elder sister. Everyday eight people pushed her down several times for forced feeding. Once I advised her not to struggle when she was force fed. My elder sister told me later that on the one hand she could cooperate with their brutal persecution psychologically, on the other hand, when a long tube was sent down along the esophagus to the stomach one just could not bear the pain quietly. As she talked she coughed from time to time and in her spit there was blood. That was the result of the wounds in the respiratory tract and the esophagus from the force feeding. I gave up the most precious opportunities of meeting her. In as short as half a month my elder sister had changed physically and she could no longer raise her eyebrows. She did not eat and drink for 28 days. Besides she was suffering physical and mental torture.

Because of my oldest sister my neighbors looked at me with different eyes. After elder sister was forced to leave home to become homeless to avoid being arrested and persecuted by the Xinhua Police Sub-bureau, the National Security Division constantly harassed us. They often came once a week. At that time I was breast feeding my baby. Every time my child would burst out crying from being scared. In their talks they combined threats with inducements and sometimes just talked nonsense or fabricated lies. My second oldest sister and her family members, my grandparents home and the homes of several maternal aunts and as far as my husband's hometown were harassed many times. Our telephone conversations with our relatives were all monitored by the National Security Division. My second oldest sister, my husband, Zhang Lu and I were all tailed. My husband is a businessman. In order not to be implicated he requested to divorce me. A warm and harmonious family was in crisis.

At 7 p.m. on February 14, 2004 Fan Zhimou phoned me. He asked me to come to the No. 2 Hospital of the Medical University. My elder sister had inserted a steel needle into her heart and was waiting for an operation (This practice runs counter to the principles of Dafa. Please read the Editor's note below). When my second oldest sister and I rushed to the hospital we were not allowed to see our elder sister. The doctor requested to pay a deposit for the operation immediately otherwise my elder sister's life would be in danger. I realized later that if it were not because of the high deposit, the operation fee and the responsibility if the operation failed, the detention center and National Security Division would cover it up. We had no opportunity to see our elder sister. Only when we went through all the formalities did I see my elder sister at the treatment room. I broke out in tears and my elder sister smiled at me. She told me in a voice that could hardly hear that she was alright and asked me to be strong.

The surgeon told me that my elder sister had serious congenital heart disease. Since she was extremely weak, the treatment would be divided into two stages. The surgeon said they would have another heart repair operation six months later. To ensure the incision would heal properly, the surgeon gave my elder sister a kind of imported injection which cost 300 yuan each. Afterwards, my elder sister told me that the surgeon-in-charge was a friend of the Political Commissar of the National Security Division. She told me that at the time when she was anesthetized but still conscious she overheard the conversation between the surgeon and the police political commissar. Political Commissar Ren told the surgeon that Ms. Yu Jingxia gave them a lot of trouble. The surgeon suggested to teach her a lesson by letting her family spend a large amount of money for her treatment. The surgeon said that they had a lot of ways to punish her and the family. My elder sister was in the hospital for 11 days and the bill for the western medicine alone was over 30 thousand yuan. We talked to the National Security Division and the detention center requesting them to reimburse the medical expenses. However, the policemen at the National Security Division said the incident happened at the detention center so they were not responsible for that. Instead they showed us a pile of receipts for the examination and the tests before the operation and asked us to pay for them as well. To ensure my elder sister could come back home my second oldest sister and I paid all the expenses. My elder sister who was 1.64 meters tall only weighed 40 kilos at the time. The evil doers dared not send her back to the detention center but they did not release her either, because they had not had my elder sister's Guarantee Statement nor the so-called "information" they needed.

After my elder sister was out of the hospital the Baoding National Security Division escorted her directly to the Retired Officers' Home of the 27th Army. She went again on a hunger strike. The National Security Division used all kinds of methods to make her eat and drink. They even prepared a feast and asked two women policemen to eat and drink to their heart's content in front of my elder sister. They also asked my second oldest sister and I to send food for her, but she refused to eat. My second oldest sister and I were really worried about her health since she was in a critical rehabilitation stage after the operation on her chest. Puss still oozed out of her over one foot long incision. How could she endure suffering like that.

On February 28, the evil doers released my elder sister and called it "living at home under surveillance." After returning home my elder sister recovered very quickly and then plunged into the Fa rectification once again.

In the morning of April 29, a group of policemen from the National Security Division tricked my elder sister away from my grandmother's home. They said they took her to their office to have a chat and would send her back in the afternoon. (In the afternoon she needed to attend parents meeting for daughter Zhang Lu) They chose the time when there was only my grandma who was 80 years old at home to drag my elder sister downstairs. The depraved officials once promised us, "As long as Ms. Yu Jingxia does not contact other Falun Gong practitioners we would let her live a peaceful life." Now they broke their promise. On learning my elder sister's arrest I phoned Fan Zhimou at once. He said my elder sister was not detained by them but by the Shigang Dajie Police Substation, plus my sister wasn't even taken away by his men. However, he was rather vague. I sensed there was something wrong. Then I phoned the Shigang Dajie Police Sub-station and the policemen there said their leaders were having a meeting and Ms. Yu Jingxia was not at the substation. They refused to talk about anything further. On the second day we still did not know her whereabouts. In the evening, my second oldest sister went to the sub-station and found my elder sister wasn't there. So I called Fan Zhimou, but he refused to answer the phone. On the second day we still had not had a clue where my elder sister was. In the morning of the third day my second oldest sister received an arrest warrant for my elder sister and was asked to pay for 300 yuan for my elder sister to have a health check up and the purchase of the bedding. My second oldest sister refused. Only by then we learned that my elder sister was escorted back to the No. 2 Detention Center. At the gate we met with the guards who were responsible for keeping an eye on my elder sister when she was in the hospital. We were told that my elder sister was taken to the detention center in the afternoon of her arrest. That night when I phoned Fan Zhimou and told him that I knew that he had lied. I knew now that my sister was detained at the police sub-station.

My elder sister was secretly sentenced to ten years in jail. I had not seen my elder sister for six months. Some kindhearted people passed a message to us. They said that my elder sister was badly beaten up by the policemen from the National Security Division. Fan Zhimou was guilty of the most heinous crimes. The depraved officials used all sorts of instruments to torture my elder sister and verbally insulted her as well. Everyday they would conduct forced feeding twice. Besides the evil doers also deprived her right to sleep and tried to brainwash her.

We always believed that justice will eventually defeat the evil! We strongly demand that authorities release our elder sister Ms. Yu Jingxia and brother-in-law Ms. Zhang Lingjiang. Give back Little Zhang Lu her father and mother! We appeal to the justice upholding and kind-hearted people worldwide to support us. We also appeal to those family members whose kins have been jailed and tortured to take actions to request the release of their kin, simply because these are the best people in the world!

Ms. Yu Jingxia's second younger sister and the third younger sister

October 15, 2004


Ms. Yu Jingixa from Shijiazhuang is still at the No. 3 Prison Ward, Hebei Provincial Woman's Prison (Address: Tongye Township, Luquan City). Since Ms. Yu Jingxia has resisted the persecution, she suffered physical and mental torture. She suffered edema over her entire body, heart failure and had breathing difficulties. She is extremely weak and her life is in danger.

The Hebei Provincial Women's Prison assigned four criminals to watch Ms. Yu Jingxia around the clock. These criminals have to watch Ms. Yu all the time, even when she is asleep. When Ms. Yu was arrested she suffered serious heart disease and needed to be taken to a hospital for an operation. Everyone in the jail knew about it, however, the depraved officials only gave Ms. Yu some infusions. Her family was very much worried so tried very hard to bail her out for medical treatment, but the prison authorities put up insurmountable obstacles in their way.

The prison guards of the Hebei Women's Prison named Sun and Gu were most evil. Sun was the head of the No. 3 prison ward and Gu the head of a division. Sun did not allow Ms. Yu Jingxia's family to visit or bring her daily necessities for as long as half a year. Because the family insisted, the prison authorities allowed them to visit Ms. Yu in June, 2006. As for bailing her out for medical treatment, Sun was the first to oppose.

Jin Zaicheng, Head of the Xinhua Police Sub-bureau, Shijiazhuang City
Fan Zhimou, Head of the National Security Division
Ren XX (Female), Qu Shifeng, Guo Shixian, Political Commissars
Deng Fang, Shijiazhuang Police Bureau
Wang Jing, Wang Fang, Shijiazhuang No. 2 Detention Center
Sun XX, Head of the No. 3 Prison Wards, Hebei Provincial Women's Prison
Gu XX, Division Head

Editor's Note: We must be very clear, as a practitioner, Ms. Yu Jingxia's action (which was similar to suicide) ran counter to the requirements set for Falun Dafa practitioners. It was the action of one who studied Dafa but violated it, therefore provided excuses for the evil forces to persecute her. It was not good for herself, nor for others. We hope practitioners who took similar actions study the Fa well and keep their words and deeds within the bounds of the standards set by Dafa. Practitioners must not do anything such as committing suicide, since these actions seriously violate Dafa, or would make him/her not deserve to be a practitioner. They would not only be unable to become true practitioners but also damage Dafa's reputation, commit karma which will harm themselves, create obstacles for Teacher's salvation of themselves and provide excuses for the old forced to destroy their lives and their futures.