(Clearwisdom.net) Li Chunfeng was a resident of Yong County in the Qi Province during the Tang Dynasty. Starting at a very young age, he read many books on a wide variety of subjects. He had a broad and deep understanding of astronomy, the Chinese calendar, Yin-Yang theories, etc. He once reconstructed the Huntianyi, an elaborate and advanced ancient astronomical instrument that had disappeared in the late Zhou Dynasty. Mr. Li Chunfeng also wrote The Book on Faxiang, and presented it to Tang Tai Zong (Emperor at that time, with the name of Li Shimin). Mr. Li Chunfeng was appointed as Taichang Doctorate (a high ranking officer in charge of music and ceremony), Taishicheng (a high ranking officer in charge of history and books), and other positions of honor. He was later promoted to the position of Taishiling (the highest officer in charge of history and books).

Tang Tai Zong once read a book entitled Miji, which said that after three emperors, an empress would take over the power to rule the nation. Tang Tai Zong asked Li Chunfeng for details. Li Chunfeng said, "This thing will happen. This person is already born, and now lives inside the palace. After thirty years, she will hold power, and kill almost all the royal family offspring." Tang Tai Zong said, "What if we kill all the suspicious people like her?" Li Chunfeng said, "This is the will of Heaven, and there is no way to change it. Plus, if a person were destined to be an Empress, she would not be killed, although other innocent people would be. This person has already become a relative of the royal family. Thirty years from now, she will become kind with age. Although the dynasty will be changed by her, the damage to the royal family will be limited. If this person were killed right now, hatred would build up. Upon reincarnation, she would be younger and even more ruthless. In that case, she would kill the entire royal family with no one surviving." Tang Tai Zong thought that what Li Chunfeng said was reasonable, so he did not pursue the matter further.

In the year 690, Wu Zetian overthrew Emperor Rui Zong (Li Dan) and called herself Empress, thus creating the Zhou Dynasty. Thus, Li Chunfeng’s prophecy became a reality.

Li Chunfeng’s prophecies were always accurate. He even predicted what would happen after more than 1,000 years, wrote it down, and gave it to Tang Tai Zong. This is the book Tui Bei Tu. Over the past 1,000 plus years, these prophecies have been verified again and again with extraordinary accuracy. It is necessary to point out that these prophecies also included the introduction of Falun Gong, the Chinese Communist Party's (CCP) persecution of Falun Gong, and the CCP’s destruction.

Li Chunfeng’s prophecies can be found in official history books such as the Old Book of Tang and the New Book of Tang. In fact, records like this were seen in many history books. There were also records left by other people who could foresee things like Li Chunfeng did. In the ancient dynasties, there were special agencies whose primary task was to observe the celestial changes, and the emperor or other officials could use them as a reference for decision-making.

In fact, ever since the CCP took over China, it has been destroying and eradicating China’s divinely-bestowed culture, while promoting atheism and theories such as, "mankind can defeat Heaven." From many aspects, including cultivation, such CCP propaganda is totally ridiculous. It is just one way the CCP uses to control people. Throughout history, from an individual’s life to the change of a society, haven't there always been reasons behind all "accidents"? Whether one is aware of it or not, everything is under the control of Heaven.