(Minghui.org) In order to enhance the programs that clarify the truth and save sentient beings with the performing arts, the New York Feitian Dance School is issuing this announcement to welcome young Falun Dafa practitioners worldwide to apply for admission.

Requested Conditions:

For male students:

1. Age 14-20, 1.72-1.80 meters (5'7" - 5'10") in height.

2. Proportionate figure, flexible, balanced movement, good jumping ability, and agile.

3. Those who have professional performance experience or have been professionally trained with performance abilities may not be required to fit the above.

For female students:

1. Age 14-18, 1.62-1.70 (5'3" - 5'7") in height.

2. Proportionate figure, flexible, good dancer and performer.

3. Those who have professional dancing ability and can quickly join the performance may not be required to fit the above.

Applicants can provide dance video recordings or come to our school for an interview.

Those who are under the age of 40 and have professional dancing experience can join the United States Divine Art Academy.

August 9, 2006


1. Applicants from Mainland China please contact the Minghui editorial staff through safe channels. Applicants outside China please call 1-646-957-4079, or e-mail to apply@minghui.ca (no pgp, only for overseas use. These e-mails will be forwarded to Feitian Dance School automatically).

2. The Dance School was established for Dafa practitioners' validating Dafa. The current enrollment is for the accelerated class. Thus, at this time, no fee is charged for tuition, meals, and lodging. Students are responsible for other expenses.

3. Feitian means "flying beauty."

[Additional note on August 20, 2006], Because we are shouldering the Global Chinese New Year Gala and international performances, which require world-class performance levels, our standards are very high and our conditions for applicants are very strict. Please remember, our school only accepts those who can physically meet professional performance standards, or professional dancers.