(Clearwisdom.net) One evening in May 2004, when publishing truth-clarifying materials, I was arrested by policemen from Jimo Police Station, who were waiting in the street. I was handcuffed for one night in the police station and then sent to the Qingdao Detention Center. Later that month, I was illegally sentenced to a 2-year term of forced labor and sent to Wangcun Women's Forced Labor Camp in Shandong Province.

In Team 1 of the forced labor camp, the guards tried to force me to give up my beliefs. Niu Mengzeng, the captain, and Li Yue, the deputy commander, insulted Master and Dafa. Niu Mengzeng asked the "transformed" practitioners to write Master's name on paper and tape it to a stool, then they forced me to sit on it. He planned to make me mentally collapse. Then, they forced me to stand for a long period of time. I was chained to the radiator for 48 hours by guards Niu Mengzeng, Chen Hongxiu, and Zhang Yan, the team leader. From this torture, my feet became terribly swollen.

Guard Zhang Yan said, "Don't you want to practice? I will let you completely enjoy it. You have to enjoy it no matter what." She ordered collaborators (Leng Xuanju from Qingdao, Yan Shuming from Wendeng, and Ma Aiqin) to forcefully put my legs in the full lotus position and bind them with rope. They also twisted and tied my arms behind my back. It felt so painful that I could not help crying. Zhang Yan stuffed my mouth with a dirty rag and sealed my mouth with transparent tape. I was tortured in this way for two days. Then they forced me not to sleep for six days and nights. Yan Shuming beat me whenever my eyes closed. In this way, they did not allow me to sleep for six days straight.

Guards Li Yue, Zhang Ran, and the "transformed" people, Li Xiangrong and Ma Xiaowei, tortured, insulted, and beat me every day and night. Zhang Ran slapped me, hit me with books, and did not allow me to go to the restroom. I was beaten by them countless times. I was detained and tortured for more than six months.

As far as I know, another practitioner being persecuted is Zhang Shumei, from class two. Guards Cheng Hongxiu and Chen Jianmei did not allow her to sleep, and cuffed her for three days and nights. She was then sent to the strictly controlled group for more than half a month. Her legs and feet were horribly swollen.

In team one, Dafa practitioner Gao Mingxia was cuffed under strict control for a long period of time and not allowed to sleep. In team four, Yan Jingqiu was cuffed for a long time, bound with rope, and not allowed to sleep.

July 25, 2006