(Clearwisdom.net) I know a female Falun Dafa practitioner. In 2000, because she refused to give up the practice of Falun Dafa, she was forced to leave her home to avoid being arrested. She joined several other practitioners who also left home to avoid being arrested and rented an apartment where they made truth-clarification materials. Every day, they ate meals at the lowest cost, or only ate rice. In the summer, as ladies on the street were all wearing colorful skirts, these female practitioners were still wearing thin sweaters.

When a male practitioner went to visit them, he was saddened upon seeing the harsh living conditions they were enduring and was brought to tears. Immediately he went home to sell several of his sheep and brought back the money to give to them. He told them specifically that the money was only for their daily living, and not for anything else. However, they did not spend a penny of it for themselves, and instead bought a computer. They said, "We do not feel any hardship. In the summer we do not feel hot, but only have one thought, that is, to make more truth-clarification materials and do our best to save those sentient beings who still do not know the truth, which is the most rewarding thing to do. For those practitioners who are being held in detention centers and cannot read the Fa, their hearts do not have the right place to go. It is really hard for them."

During this time being away from home, these practitioners received lots of living support from fellow practitioners. When they finally negated the evil persecution and returned to their homes, they again worked hard to return the money they received to their fellow practitioners. A practitioner with the surname Zhang handed me three hundred yuan and asked me to return it to a practitioner with the surname Li when I saw him.

When I gave the money to practitioner Li, he said, "How could we let them return the money? They have given so much of themselves. Shouldn't we practitioners who can stay home help them? We are all disciples of Master and we are all here to save sentient beings. We are all one body. Their things are our things. So why should we distinguish between you and me? Now they are home. As long as they can cultivate well, our wishes are fulfilled."

I took the money back to practitioner Zhang, who insisted that I should take the money back to practitioner Li. I took the money and bounced between these two practitioners as they both insisted on giving instead of taking. I was having a hard time. Finally they decided to use the money to make truth-clarification materials. The money finally found its best destination.