(Clearwisdom.net) There are two rooms in a home in the Shangjie District, Zhengzhou City, Henan Province. In one of the rooms lies a woman in a vegetative state, and in the other room hangs a portrait of the woman's deceased brother. A little girl about four years old asked her grandfather, "Why does my mom not speak? Where is my daddy?" The elderly man could only cry.

When Mr. Quan Peijun was arrested on January 11, 2001, his wife was two months pregnant. Then, in August, his wife was diagnosed with dystocia (expected difficult labor or birth), and the hospital twice issued a critical notice about her. Mr. Quan's mother was already over seventy years old and looked forward to her son's return. Mr. Quan's parents in-law petitioned his employers and the forced labor camp officials for his return. They showed the related people the hospital's notice of his wife being close to death and pleaded with them to permit Mr. Quan to go see his dying wife. The forced labor camp authorities rejected Mr. Quan's request to go home to see his suffering wife. A policeman even broke the left thumb of Mr. Quan's father in-law when the two older people were resting at a cool and shady site in front of the Baimiao Forced Labor Camp entrance. Their petition was ignored. The broken thumb caused him to suffer intolerable pain. The older couple could do nothing but return home.

Mr. Quan's wife couldn't endure the shock and went into a vegetative state. She couldn't speak or move, and couldn't use the toilet on her own. The pressure also made Mr. Quan's younger brother in-law sick. He died without treatment due to lack of money. Quan Peijun's older brother, Mr. Quan Peijian, was also illegally locked up and persecuted because he refused to give up Falun Dafa. Even though the family was in such dire circumstances, Ma Shujun from the Political and Security Section of the Shangjie District Police Department still harassed them.

Mr. Quan has been illegally imprisoned for over five years. His daughter is now over four years old. She often asked her grandfather, "Where is my daddy?" "Why does my mom not speak to me?" The elderly man could only cry. The two older grandparents have no means of making a living and thus live a hard life. They sought advice from lawyers who said, "They [the authorities] are violating the law while they know the law. Go ask them to release your son-in-law." They petitioned the 610 Office agents to release Mr. Quan. Li Meng from the 610 Office said, "He must write a guarantee of giving up Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance to get free."

Mr. Quan was an employee of the Transportation Department of the China Changcheng Aluminum Company. Since he practiced Falun Gong, he was conscientious in work. He showed loving care for his over seventy year-old mother, and also meticulously took care of his sick wife. He was reported as he distributed Falun Gong truth clarification materials near the Shangjie District Post Office on January 11, 2001. After he was detained about twenty days in the Shangjie District Police Department, he was sent to the Baimiao Forced Labor Camp and was locked up there for one year. The persons who persecuted Falun Gong in the Shangjie District were Zhang Deying, Zhang Hongwei, 610 Office head Shi Fuqin, and Wei Jingfeng, who was the deputy chief of the police department.

Under orders and participation of He Xianglong and Han Hongtao, No. 3 Division heads of the Baimiao Forced Labor Camp, a dozen people kicked and punched Mr. Quan, whose arms and legs were bound up. They then shocked him on the head, neck, ears, mouth and chest simultaneously, using eight electric batons. Burn wounds covered his body. He was also subjected to the tiger bench torture as well as to force-feeding with hot chili pepper water, and many other tortures.

Mr. Quan was not released at the end of his one-year-term in the forced labor camp. Instead he was transferred to the so-called "Law/Legal Education School" (the Wanqing Resort Brainwashing Center) in the western suburb of Zhengzhou City, where he was subjected to brainwashing and "reform." He was locked up there for eight months. Li Guogan, Transportation Department CCP Secretary of the Aluminum Company refused to accept him back at work.

Soon afterwards, Mr. Quan was again sentenced to one year of forced labor. After that term expired it was extended by six months. Mr. Quan's family had traveled there and attempted to see him before the end of his term in August 2004. The Baimiao Forced Labor Camp authorities banned the family from seeing their loved one and cheated Mr. Quan's family. They said that they didn't need to come see Mr. Quan, and that they would release him as soon as his term was over.

When his family went to the labor camp to take Mr. Quan back at the end of August, the authorities there told the family that the people from the Shangjie District Political Judiciary Committee and people from the Transportation Department of the Aluminum Company had already taken Mr. Quan back. His family then went back to the Shangjie District Political and Judiciary Committee and asked for his release. Li Meng from the Political and Judiciary Committee said that Mr. Quan was held in a brainwashing facility at the Wanqing Resort in Zhengzhou City. Mr. Quan had by now been a prisoner of conscience for more than five years.


Numerous Falun Gong practitioners have been illegally locked up and fined in the Shangjie District in Zhengzhou City. The practitioners who are now still incarcerated are Quan Peijian, Quan Peijun, Xing Fusheng, and 47-year-old Ms. Wang Qiuju. She was arrested for going to Beijing in August 2005 to clarify the truth about Falun Gong. She was sent to the Shibalihe Women's Forced Labor Camp for a one-year term by agents from the Shangjie District 610 Office in Zhengzhou City. The guards at the labor camp prohibited Ms. Wang from standing or sitting. They forced her to do a half squat. They tortured her all day long. For refusing to write the so-called three statements and shouting, "Falun Dafa is good!" she was additionally persecuted by having her term extended. Ms. Wang's two children often cried for missing their mother.

The authorities of the Shangjie District Political and Judiciary Committee, and those from the 610 Office assigned the persecution tasks of long-term monitoring of Falun Dafa practitioners to the Street Administration Office and the Residential Committee. They required the Street Office and the Residential Committee to assign people to tail, monitor, and report local practitioners' whereabouts. These actions seriously endangered practitioners' and their families' freedom and brought a lot of inconvenience into their lives and to their studies. They are even at risk of being arrested at any time.

Transportation Department of China Changcheng Aluminum Company

CCP Secretary: Li Guogang: 86-371-68943619 (Office), 86-371-68924996 (Home), 86-13607659728 (Cell)

Duputy CCP secretary, Zhou Kaishou: 86-371-68943612 (Office), 86-371-68930412 (Home), 86-13803052759 (Cell)

Director, Wang Wenjun: 86-371-68915718 (Office), 86-371-68924899 (Home), 86-13703820712 (Cell)

Chief of the Security Section, Mao Qiang: 86-371-68916757

Company head: Wang Xihui, 86-371-8921628
Deputy company head. Meng Ruozhi: 86-371-8923771

Leaders from the Shangjie District and the 610 Office of Zhengzhou City

District CCP Secretary, Ku Fengxia: 86-371-68911999 (Office), 86-13513800766 (Cell)

Head of District Discipline Inspection Committee, Liu Xia: 86-371-68926668 (Office), 86-371-67426699 (Home), 86-13598050699 (Cell)

Head of the District Political and Law Committee, Wang Guanghui: 86-371-68928021 (Office), 86-371-68926668 (Home), 86-13837159976 (Cell)

Director of the 610 Office, Zhao Zhenqian: 86-371-68936205 (Office), 86-13703820367 (Cell)

Deputy director of the 610 Office, Shi Fuqin: 86-371-68934776 (Office), 86-371-68928021 (Home), 86-13838270528 (Cell), (Although Shi was retired, this person still forced eight practitioners to write the so-called three statements in 2005 using deceitful tactics)

Head of the Shangjie District, Zhou Changsong: 86-371-8939136 (Office), 86-371-7188166 (Home)

Shangjie District CCP secretary (The former head of the District Political and Law Committee), Zhang Deyin: 86-371-8119996 (Office), 86-371-7978958 (Home)

Former head of the Shangjie District of Political and Law Committee, Zhang Bao: 86-371-8928021 (Office), 86-13700877888 (Cell)

Shangjie District Police Department

Police Chief: 86-371-8922088
Commissar: 86-371-8113116
Head of Discipline Inspection Committee: 86-371-8119566
Deputy police chief: 86-371-8921014, 86-371-8923349
Head of the Jiyuan Road Police Station: 86-371-8921415
Former head: Zhou Geming, former deputy heads: Liu Gang, Zhang Fashun, Zhao Jinlai