After the persecution of Falun Dafa practitioner Ms. Yu Yingzhu by Baimalong Forced Labor Camp in Zhuzhou City of Hunan Province was exposed to the public, the forced labor camp forcibly forbade Yu's family from visiting her. The labor camp police often scream at practitioners: "I am not going to let you die. I will make your life a living hell." If one's family is illegally detained in such a living hell, it is not hard to imagine the pain experienced by the practitioner's family members.

Ms. Yu's family requested Baimalong Forced Labor Camp and Zhuzhou City Forced Labor Committees many times to unconditionally release and stop persecuting Ms. Yu, yet they always answer, "There is no law applicable when dealing with Falun Gong. So you want to sue us? Let's see where you can actually go to sue us? So what if you sue us--you cannot win the court case, because no lawyer dares to defend you."

When Ms. Yu's family expressed their concerns about her condition, the forced labor camp staff replied, "She won't die in the forced labor camp. We will inform you before she dies, so you can pick her up."

We call upon the international community to pay attention to the persecution of Yu Yingzhu by Baimalong Forced Labor Camp and its collaborators. We also call upon the international community to investigate the crimes committed by Baimalong Forced Labor Camp. It is our deep wish that the evil-doers will be stopped from committing further atrocities and that they will be brought to justice.

Organizations directly involved in the persecution of Yu Yingzhu:

Teng Guolin, head of Zhuzhou City Forced Labor Committee. Teng was directly involved in sentencing Yu to forced labor through re-education and extending her term. 86-733-8226792

Zhuzhou City Baimalong Forced Labor Camp:

Huang Yongliang, head of the forced camp and secretary of the Communist Party Committee of the forced labor camp: 86-13908439030
Zhao Guibao, deputy head of the forced camp: 86-13607332316
Zheng Xia, head of the seventh division: 86-13807332852
Wang Nianhua, head of the Management Department: 86-13707338135
Wang Huanxin, deputy head of the Management Department: 86-13973340139
Tang Xiangjian, head of the Special Task Force Division: 86-13607332306
Gong Chaolian, head of the Education Department: 86-13807335201
Fu Jun, Executive Officer: 86-13873332868

Mr. Liu, head of the Appealing Office of Hunan Provincial Forced Labor Committee: 86-731-2275117, 86-731-2275114

Li Wenhua, Head of the 610 Office of Shifeng District in Zhuzhou City: 86-13017111097 (Cell)