(Minghui.org) In recent months local editions of Minghui Weekly have been published in more and more areas in mainland China. This is a manifestation that Dafa material production sites have blossomed everywhere, and the state of fellow practitioners' saving everyday people and validating the Fa has elevated. To better balance the shortage of manpower and funds at present and the demand on truth materials, we provide a briefing on some situations and make some suggestions on adjustment.


According to feedback from some mainland fellow practitioners, every Friday, issues of Minghui Weekly are downloaded and printed on time at the production sites. The issues are then distributed in a day or two. Yet local editions will not be published until several or even more days later. The time of publication is not predictable, which has caused difficulty in distribution. Also, the local weekly has limited space. Most content is taken from the universal edition of the Minghui Weekly. Only an article or two are swapped out for reporting local persecution cases. As a result, after distributing the universal edition, it raises the question, in some areas, of whether it is economical to distribute a large number of local editions.


In addition, to support areas where there is shortage of manpower for editing, design, and proofreading, much of the editing of various local editions of the weekly has been always completed by the Minghui editing team of truth materials. With the booming of local editions of Minghui Weekly in more and more areas in China, it has turned quite difficult for our limited number of editing and design staff members to complete the ever increasing amount of workload with quality.


Given the above situation, we suggest that those production sites, which operate well, distribute Minghui Weekly timely and widely, and also have local truth clarification leaflets, it is not necessary to produce local edition of Minghui Weekly. Instead, special topic leaflets or brochures can be distributed, at varying intervals, with the universal edition of the Minghui Weekly.


In those areas where Minghui Weekly has not been widely distributed and for the moment there is not enough manpower to compile local leaflets, the local edition of Minghui Weekly could remain a quick and effective approach to clarify the truth taking into consideration of local situations. After all, the material will be of consistent quality, and it is easy to produce. Only some minor changes need be made to the universal edition. We suggest that these areas pick only one edition, either the universal or the local edition for distribution. If there is extra manpower, then download some leaflets and brochures based on various topics that come out at varying intervals. These brochures are for all areas, either targeting lies widely spread by the evil which have poisoned the pubic, such as “self-immolation,” “beseiging [Zhangnanhai leadership compound],” etc, or introducing Nine Commentaries and quitting the CCP and its affiliate organizations, which serve as a universal key to unlock people's minds.


Another point, local edition of the Minghui Weekly should cover an entire area (like a province or a city), instead of merely a town or county. For example, the recently published Zhangjiakou area weekly has covered persecution facts in Wei County, Chicheng County, Huailai County, Kuyuan County among others in the area. It is quite representative of the entire area. Consequently, we suggest that local editions not produced in areas of lower administrative ranking so as to reduce unnecessary repetition and improve quality and effectiveness among overseas practitioners producing and distributing truth materials.


We hope fellow practitioners in mainland China provide timely feedback and sharing regarding the production and distribution of Minghui truth materials, so that together we can produce better truth materials, and play a bigger role in saving sentient beings.


Minghui Materials Team


July 14, 2006