(Clearwisdom.net) A little while ago, the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) declared that they have developed some kind of system that can recognize peoples' voice during phone communications. Through this system, they can recognize the identity of the speakers in communication. At present, this system has gradually been promoted for wider use.

If they want to track and recognize a specific person's voice, they first of all need to get a sample of this person's voice on the phone, so they first need to record some section of this person's voice over the phone. As long as your voice on the phone is recorded, then no matter where, when or through what communication device you are making a phone call, this system can recognize you.

For example, the CCP spy already knows that a certain person is a Dafa practitioner and has this practitioner's home phone number. Before this voice recognition system was developed, it would be very difficult for spies to find out practitioners' mobile numbers. However, after this voice recognition system was developed, it became fairly easy for spies to use this system to recognize the practitioner's voice and get practitioners' phone numbers through this voice recognition system. But the precondition is that spies have to first record this practitioner's voice on the phone.

Recently, many Dafa practitioners' home phones received some strange calls in the name of a so-called "market survey." The questions asked by the "surveyor" seem harmless on the surface, but in fact aim to record your voice and save your voice in this "voice recognition system." In the future, whenever you make phone calls, this system will know who is calling. Even if you change to a new mobile phone number or change both mobile phone and home phone number, or use a public phone to make phone calls, this "voice recognition system" can recognize who is making phone calls and also record your phone conversations.

It is not difficult to prevent the harm from the "voice recognition system" of CCP spies and one way to do so is not to allow them to record your voice. We should not participate in any of the so-called "market surveys" or "phone interviews." When we answer the phone calls and find the other party is not familiar, we should not talk to them. If some Dafa practitioners know that their voices have been recorded, then they should not use the phone to organize Falun Dafa activities. In this case, it is better to use email or talk to others in person.

Moreover, if you can hear the echo of your own voice when you talk on a mobile phone, it means that your own mobiles have very likely been tapped.

Everything that the CCP is doing targets Dafa, as does this voice recognition system. Because after July 20, 1999, Jiang Zemin and the CCP have treated Falun Dafa as their number one enemy and treat the persecution of Falun Dafa as their number one mission. Therefore, at this time when the CCP is heading for destruction, we not only should do three things well and strengthen our righteous thoughts, but also improve our technical security. We should not leave any loopholes for the CCP to exploit.

Written on May 12, 2006