(Clearwisdom.net) On June 19, 2006, Swedish NGO "Support Human Rights in China" (abbreviated as SHRIC) held a seminar in ABF-huset Conference Center in Stockholm on the topic of "China's Human Rights and the Future". During the seminar, He Xiulan narrated her personal encounters in China due to the persecution of Falun Gong. She is a former officer in the finance leaders group in the Jilin Provincial Council and a Falun Gong practitioner who was persecuted and later rescued out of China. The seminar exposed the brutal suppression by Jiang Zemin and the CCP against Falun Gong practitioners, and also called for just and kindhearted people to stand up together and say: "Stop the persecution!"

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At the Human Rights Seminar
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He Xiulan exposing CCP persecution with personal experiences

Below is He Xiulan's speech:

Greetings everyone

My name is He Xiulan, and I used to be an officer in the finance leaders group in the Jilin Provincial Council. I was persecuted by the CCP for cultivating Falun Gong, then I was rescued by the United Nations Human Rights Organization and I am lucky to have come today to a free country - Sweden. Here on this occasion I would like to express my sincere gratitude to the Swedish government!

I was very pleased after receiving the invitation from the Swedish SHRIC. Over the last few days I especially made 200 lotus flowers for the SHRIC organizers who held this seminar and also for the guests who are concerned about China's human rights situation. I whole-heartedly wish you all a wonderful future!

Today on this occasion, I would like to talk about two things with my personal experiences.

I. On the inside the CCP terrorizes and slaughters the public masses, on the outside the CCP deceives the international society

In a democratic country, people are free to choose what they believe in. Yet in China, even though "freedom of belief" is written in the constitution, the CCP actually does not allow people to have the freedom of faith. It is only a camouflage of being "civilized" and is only there for show to the rest of the world. In fact the CCP has never stopped its tyrannical dictatorship for one single day.

The former CCP leader Jiang Zemin, being selfish and narrow-minded, grew jealous of the tens of millions of people practicing Falun Gong. He took advantage of the power he had in hand and started the illegal persecution of Falun Gong in July 1999. The army, the police and spies, radio stations, TV station and newspapers were all used to fabricate, slander and persecute Falun Gong from all sides, at the same time Falun Gong practitioners were deprived of the right to appeal. The CCP does not allow Falun Gong practitioners to have a say at all.

I used to suffer from coronary disease, ossein proliferation and other illnesses. In July 1998 I got a gynecological tumor. After months of treatment the tumor only became bigger. Expert doctors decided to carry out an operation. I was lucky to have read Zhuan Falun on the eve of the operation and I felt that it was very good, so I had the intention to start cultivation. A few days later when having an ultrasound image scan in hospital, the doctors found that the tumor become smaller and I didn't have to have an operation anymore. I was astonished by this supernormal and miraculous phenomenon and so I started to cultivate as well. Soon, all signs of sicknesses healed without treatment. I also got rid of many bad habits. In the end I had a healthy mind and a healthy body, and my family was harmonious. How could such a good practice be persecuted?

At the end of 2000 I decided to go to Beijing appeal to the relevant organizations. When I arrived at the appeal office four or five policemen twisted my arms, grabbed my clothes and stuffed me in a police van. Then I was put into Beijing Xuanwu District Detention Center.

On a cold winter's night, the policemen of Xuanwu District Detention Center threw me out into the courtyard to freeze me. They forced me to sit on the concrete floor and soon I was shivering thoroughly. Then together with 18 other female Dafa disciples we were locked into a cell and the police told the criminals to keep watch on us. The criminals had blankets, pillows and lived in a corner, while we had nothing at all. The 18 of us slept one next to the other, head on heels, squashed on a hard floorboard.

There was no toilet in the cell, but there was a tap and a stone sink beneath it, which were used for washing and urinating. A plastic bucket was placed in the cell for excrement. We could only use the waste bucket once everyday, and the whole cell stank horribly. At night we had to open the windows even during sleep, and it was both cold and smelly - it was really like hell on earth.

During this period of time the police interrogated us at will. Many people have been abused by the police - the police slapped us, pulled our hair, burnt us with cigarette butts and beat us with rods. The police even sexually assaulted some and showed no mercy to even a 50 year-old Dafa disciple.

Falun Gong practitioners inside China are frequently harassed and abducted. In March 2003, I was illegally kidnapped by the Changchun City Police along with my colleagues Chen Jing and Wang Wei. The police forcibly tied us to specially-made steel chairs and forced us to answer questions such as if I had ever supplied evidences for the overseas lawsuit against Jiang Zemin or how I got hold of tapes of Master's lectures which were found on me. They threatened me: "If you don't answer, we'll take out one month to give one by one your family and relatives a very cruel and troublesome time."

Meanwhile Chen Jing and Wang Wei were slapped by the police, and after having plastic bags put over their heads they were beaten by rods, whipped by belts and suffered other tortures like twisting the wrists.

These police have accumulated lots of wicked experiences during their long career of evil-doing: If a person is beaten with plastic bags put on then there wouldn't be any exterior injuries; Twisting the wrists creates the most unbearable pain. Sooner or later, the person starts to feel fatigued and weak because the tendons have been injured but no exterior mark is left. After half a year Chen Jing still could not carry heavy things with her arms.

Later the three of us were unlawfully sentenced to forced labor re-education and were detained in different centers. I was sent to the Shuanyang Third Detention Center and the conditions there were not too different from Bejing Xuanwu Distict Detention Center, except that there were more detained Falun Gong practitioners there. A cell of about 20 meters could hold 40 or 50 people. At night we sleep squashed side by side and could not turn.

Every day I was forced to sit on a hard plank and eventually the skin around my tail bone was bruised and broken. The pain was intolerable. When I first went into the detention center I weighed 63 kilograms but when I left, I only weighed 40. My whole body was unrecognizable.

Altogether I have been illegally abducted by the police twice, and altogether I have passed three months in detention. Even so, I am fortunate amidst many misfortunes. Nevertheless, other Dafa disciples have been persecuted to death.

In the period of time I was detained in Shuanyang Third Detention Center, another Falun Gong practitioner of about 50 years old called Li Shuqian was sent to our cell from another cell. When she came in, her hands and feet were shackled together so that she couldn't walk straight. She protested against the CCP persecuting her by going on hunger strike. When she did that, the police gave her force-feedings.

In China the police would find all kinds of ways to torment you until you give up your belief. Li Shuqin told me: The police are ruining people. Every time they force-feed, they use a pipe and guide it in brutally so it goes all over the place. Sometimes they force-feed salt water, raw corn flour, sometimes even pepper or chili powder. On one day in May, a few inmates followed the policemen into the toilet to force-feed Li Shuqin. She never came back. Later we found out that she died during the force-feeding.

Another Falun Gong practitioner, Wang Wei, was kidnapped four times and both times he was sentenced to forced labor re-education for more than a year and up to two years. There he was cruelly tortured and he spent most of the past seven years in prison. After regaining freedom, he was fired by his company. Now he has a home which he cannot return to and roams the streets homeless. His wife lives an anxious and miserable life with their young child.

Another Falun Gong practitioner, Chen Jing, was captured five times and has been brutally beaten up by and sworn at by the police. She has been hung up and the handcuffs and shackles dug into her skin so that her bones were exposed. Her home has been ransacked many times and was under constant surveillance by the street police. Now she has been excluded from her company and is homeless with her elderly mother in unfamiliar places far away from home.

My colleague Zhang Zhongxu used to be the deputy head editor of the Jilin Provincial council's official magazine . After starting to practice Falun Dafa in 1996, he cultivated himself according to the principles of "Truthfulness, Compassion and Tolerance", being helpful to others, putting others before himself and quietly living as a good person, which gained him good remarks from his seniors and colleagues. At that time, with his encouragement, lots of other colleagues in my company also started to cultivate Dafa.

Before the Chinese New Year in 2001, the company's managers under the order of the 610 office forced Zhang Zhongxu to give up his belief and decided to hand Zhang over to the police to be sent to a "brainwashing" class. Consequently Zhang Zhongxu was forced to leave his place at the company. Ever since then he has became an important target for the persecution of the 610 offices in the province and the city. The wicked police went everywhere to arrest him. Sometimes they would break into his house in the middle of the night and threaten his wife and daughter. Sometimes they even harass his other relatives.

Zhang Zhongxu has been illegally seized by the public security police many times, and every time he suffered severe beatings. The villainous police slapped him, twisted his arms, beat him with rods, violently force-fed him and tormented him with electric batons and other torture methods like the tiger bench. Every time his whole body was bruised all over. The worst time was when an evil police from Changchun city shocked him with four batons of different voltages alternatively. There was nearly no piece of good skin left on his face, neck, shoulders, arms, back and front of body, two legs and genitals. His skin has been electrified into sludge and some places have turned black. His genitals were shocked so much they were swollen and he found it hard to go to the toilet. He couldn't walk for 20 days. A month later when I saw him again, there were still patches of black scabs on his forearms.

Over the last few years Zhang Zhongxu has suffered severe persecution. His family and relatives have also suffered great oppression. His mother could not stand such inhumane violence and she left the world. Zhang Zhongxu's big sister couldn't stand the two heavy emotional strokes and soon after her mother's death, she had a heart attack and died as well. An originally harmonious family has been torn apart, injured and killed by the CCP's and Jiang Zemin's inhumane and immoral brutality. However from what I have seen, the tragic misfortunes of Zhang Zhongxu's family are not the only case amongst Falun Gong practitioners in China.

The CCP leaders claim to the outside world: "Chinese people's human rights are at their best right now". That's completely lies.

II. The CCP brainwashes its people. For those who do not conform to the one voice allowed, the CCP will destroy their reputation, bankrupt them financially or annihilate them physically.

"Brainwashing" and "conversion" have only been brandished publicly in recent years after the CCP started the persecution of Falun Gong. In fact since the CCP came into power, it has been brainwashing the people with party culture, enslaving them. It twisted the distinction between good and evil, confused right and wrong. It worships conflict philosophy, initiating a political movement every few years. At a whim, it defines people fallen out of favour as capitalist-roaders, spies, scabs, Rightists, rioters, evil cult members, etc., whom it vilifies to the extremes to instigate hatred of one faction of people to fight with another.

My former employer designated one director and three section chiefs each to "help educate" me and two other colleagues who are also Falun Gong practitioners. They had chats with us periodically. From time to time, group "help and education" meetings similar in nature to criticize meetings at the Party branch level were held. Sometimes certain chiefs were tasked to give lectures. Sometimes the entire staff was mobilized to criticize in turn. As many as six people talked to me in one day. Their goal was to make me give up my belief.

They threatened during "help and education," "You will have no future unless you renounce." The CCP believes in atheism and cannot tolerate you. Later, as I would not give up my belief, I was taken off of the shortlist for a vice-ministry level post and demoted from a chief editor to an ordinary manager.

According to the lies spread by the CCP, Falun Gong practitioners are all "infatuated". Employers or labour camps transfer all those who would not renounce to a central place for special brainwashing classes to "assault the fortified".

According to Wang Wei, the police lectured him twenty-four hours a day in four shifts. The police took turns to rest while he was not allowed to rest. After forty-eight hours, he was no longer clear-headed. In some other instances practitioners are forced to read fabricated stories that slender Falun Gong. Those resist will meet with various punishments.

Westerners may not be able to understand why the employers or co-workers interfere with individual's beliefs? Why are the Chinese police so brutal? Why are they not brought to justice when they are committing crimes or killings?

In China, the CCP that controls everything is above the country, above the law. The Party set up a reward system that linked everything to the persecution of Falun Gong. The police and party members regard persecuting Falun Gong as their jobs. Those who convert more practitioners and those police who are the most brutal are praised or promoted by their superior.

The CCP's former Party General Secretary, Jiang Zemin, established the genocide policy, "destroy their reputation, bankrupt them financially, and annihilate them physically," against Falun Gong practitioners. As a result the police can beat up practitioners without fearing consequences. In police's own words, "We are but a tool, a stick of the CCP. We are paid to whack whoever it pleases."

This March, a dark secret came to light. Organs are harvested from many living Falun Gong practitioners. Top level CCP officials, the military and doctors all profit from participation. This is the bitter fruit of the CCP's long-term brainwashing, which indoctrinate people with inhuman, materialistic way of thinking.

The Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party exposed numerous atrocities of the CCP, taking over eighty million lives through various political movements. Where there is the CCP there is tyranny, killing, lies and brainwashing. After reading the Nine Commentaries, people saw the CCP's evilness more and more clearly. Eleven million people have now renounced the CCP after giving up illusions.

The Communist camp in Europe has disintegrated. The former Soviet Union collapsed overnight. The Chinese people shoulder the responsibility to dissolve the CCP. I hope more of my fellow countrymen will awake to peacefully disband the CCP. Only then can a new China begin.

I call upon the international society and the peace-loving people all over the world to voice righteousness, which is very important. The reason why I can be here today to expose the tyranny of the CCP was that Clearwisdom net promptly aired the news about my persecution. As a result many righteous people in and outside of China made timely telephone calls to stop the persecution and helped me write to the United Nations Human Rights Council. My former employer alone received phone calls from six different countries. Those in charge of the persecution were shocked, "How did people abroad know about this?"

Therefore for those who are still being persecuted, I hope everyone can say to the CCP, "Stop the persecution!"

Thank you all.