To the Chicago Fa Conference

Greetings to all the Dafa disciples attending the Chicago Fa Conference!

First, let me wish the Fa Conference complete success in achieving its goals.

Dafa disciples' Fa conferences are Law assemblies where they improve by learning from each other, that allow them to find where they fall short, and that enable them to strengthen their righteous thoughts on their paths to Consummation. Your accomplishments reflect mighty virtue gained through sound Fa study and the solidifying of righteous thoughts, and your shortcomings tell of the things that you need to work on along your cultivation path. Whatever you experience during your cultivation--whether good or bad--is good, for it comes about only because you are cultivating. A cultivator cannot achieve Consummation when laden with human thoughts, laden with karmic debts, or laden with attachments. Gold's luster increases as it is refined over time. Through righteous thoughts and righteous acts, Dafa disciples are establishing every aspect of their divinity, and are, at the same time, building the cosmos's future.

Dafa disciples, be diligent!

Li Hongzhi

June 25, 2006