(Clearwisdom.net) After practicing for a period of time I found that a lot of my attachments had been removed. In fact, when my condition was good I almost felt that I could not discover any remaining attachments of my own at all. My capability to validate the Fa has also been enhanced so that sometimes I can easily persuade people online to withdraw from the CCP. Also, when I make phone calls to the police officers who persecute Falun Dafa practitioners, I can tell that they are startled to listen to me and that they have been scared.

However, I unconsciously developed a complacent mentality when writing cultivation experience articles. Within my articles, the portions that look inward at myself have been reduced and replaced with those showing my capability to validate the Fa. Of course, it is not wrong to offer up my good experiences to exchange and share with fellow practitioners, but the key point is, if I let my attention slip even slightly, I will be validating myself instead of validating the Fa while I am not looking inward. This will develop a space where the evil can survive, and my article will also lack any inner meaning and appear hollow.

I have become aware that a practitioner must always look inward everywhere and at every moment until the moment of consummation. Because our flesh bodies are still within the Three Realms, if we relax and slack off in studying the Fa, we can very easily be touched by sentiment and generate various attachments. In fact, once the attachment to fame and self-interest comes up, our xinxing also falls down. Regardless of whether a practitioner is new or veteran, he or she should not rely on the good aspects of his cultivation, but rather look inward all the time, for this, in the end, is the ultimate guarantee for reaching consummation.

Above is a little realization from my experience at my individual level. Fellow practitioners, please kindly point out my deficiencies with tolerance.