(Clearwisdom.net) The news that practitioners are being killed for their organs has been exposed for some time now, and I think all practitioners are aware of it and everyone can consider it from the perspective of the Fa. I have my understanding too, and want to share it with fellow practitioners. Please kindly correct me if there is something inappropriate in my understanding.

The cruelty of persecuting Falun Gong practitioners in Sujiatun is simply unconscionable. I enlightened that:

"All these have karmic relationships and are not without reason. It will not be allowed to be so without a reason." (Zhuan Falun)

Teacher also mentioned that there are many good persons and celebrities in history who will obtain the Fa in this life and there are also those who committed many wrongdoings and owed quite a lot karmic debts (not original words). Then, the detention centers, prisons, and secret concentration camps using Dafa practitioners in organ-harvesting operations is old force manipulation of wicked people to persecute the practitioners who owe special debts from past lives in this way.

In fact, the old forces follow their principles. Don't you Dafa practitioners want to save sentient beings? How can you save them? By exposing this event in public, you can let all the Chinese know that such evil persecution is taking place in the world today. If an ordinary person knows it, but is still indifferent, or maliciously gloats, and thinks such killing serves them right because Falun Gong is wrong, thereby maintaining allegiance to the CCP, etc., then the old forces will say, "Do such persons have human-nature or Buddha-nature? Don't such kinds of persons need to be eliminated?" The thought one holds on such a bottom line issue determines whether one can be saved.

The old forces used the same principle to arrange the staged Tiananmen self-immolation incident. Why did they release the self-immolation video that is full of flaws? In fact, anyone who dares to think independently can deduce that it's phony. The trouble is that appeals for objective reason are difficult for Chinese who must get beyond the diet of totalitarian deceit fed to them over the past fifty-five years. All of these were arranged for us to clarify the truth and expose CCP deception for what it is. Accordingly, those who accept the truth and acknowledge the CCP's actions as morally reprehensible will not be eliminated, which the old forces also agree with. In this way, ordinary people can show their redeeming goodness, albeit the tepid responses in this dimension.

Teacher has standards and requirements for the Dafa practitioners who want to finish their cultivation and they have already been given to us. Then if the ordinary people want to enter the new epoch of the universe, they also have requirements to meet, which are ascertained by their mental stance after we clarify truth to them. This is one of the reasons why we are required to clarify the truth to them.

On another note, some practitioners do not want to submit articles to Clearwisdom.net. I think some practitioners feel that they don't cultivate as well as others and, therefore, dare not write articles. My understanding is that this may make him follow the CCP's culture unconsciously. Though it is possible that one's overall cultivation is not as high as others, in certain respects, one's understanding may be good and well worth sharing. Even so, we all have are own mountains to climb in cultivation.

This is my personal enlightenment. It is hard for me to communicate with fellow practitioners in my day-to-day life, so if any of my understandings are incorrect please kindly point it out.

May 18, 2006