Teacher said,

"If a certain region is doing well, then it's definitely something like this: the coordinators just say that something needs to be done, and Dafa disciples, of their own initiative, coordinate with each other and overcome the challenges together, fully utilizing Dafa disciples' wisdom, to get it done well and in a more ideal way. Even when the coordinators don't think things through too well or have even overlooked some things, the Dafa disciples will perfect it along the way--and that is your mighty-virtue. Don't get resentful when things are tough, and don't think that you need to have people see what you're doing. Master can see everything you do, and so can all gods. When you have done well that's your own, eternal mighty-virtue." ("Teaching the Fa at the Meeting with Asia-Pacific Students")

My personal cultivation experience told me that to do everything that Teacher told us to do, we need to get rid of many attachments and foster more compassion via solid cultivation. As for me, I was very attached to self when cooperating and coordinating with other fellow practitioners. I was attached to my understanding, my notions, and things that I did. It was always "me, me, me" with every thought that came to my mind. Only after conflicts occurred would I realize that I should have put the Fa first and gotten rid of the notion of self. However, whenever my attachments were stirred up, I'd develop jealousy and competitiveness which made me unwilling to cooperate with others. Now I realized that behind my jealousy and competitiveness, there was the pursuit for fame and advantages in the Fa.

I've been practicing Dafa for eleven years. Therefore, I'm no longer that interested in everyday people's pursuits. However, I'm not willing to give up the so-called "advantages" that I could earn in the Fa. Teacher said,

"......because you cannot let go of ordinary human things and so will feel uneasy in your work." ("Further Elimination of Attachments" from Essentials for Further Advancement)

Those everyday people's notions and logic were formed over thousands of years in my past lives. They are the things that I need to eliminate during my cultivation. The cultivation process is supposed to remove our everyday people's notions and attachments. Those things might appear to be confusing puzzles. Therefore, in order to see them through, we need to discipline ourselves based on the Fa principles. We cannot make judgments on the basis of everyday people's notions.

Study the Fa more and study the Fa more! When we understand the Fa more, we will have fewer everyday people's notions in our heads and we will be able to restrain the part of ourselves that hasn't obtained the Fa. If we can always be strict with ourselves, we will do well and will be successful doing the things that Teacher asked us to do. Now we are at the final stage of the Fa-rectification. I think our individual cultivation needs to catch up with the Fa-rectification process in order not to hinder the Fa-rectification progress.

In my cultivation, I often asked myself, "Do you believe in Teacher one hundred percent?" Why couldn't I do what Teacher asked us to do? Why was I not able to quickly finish what Teacher asked us to do? When I was criticized or faced by different opinions, instead of looking inside, I often felt uneasy in my heart. Am I a true cultivator? If I always look at other people's shortcomings, how can I improve myself?

Sometimes, I wasn't in a good enough mood to clarify the truth. I felt unwilling to speak to people and I was controlled by everyday people's sentimentality. I forgot my responsibilities and my mission. I treated truth-clarification as extra work. I had to ask myself, "Didn't you come down here to clarify the truth and save sentient beings?" If I had truly made that my goal of life, I would have been able to actively and naturally do it. I wouldn't have other thoughts or questions. This made me realize that I still haven't eliminated all of my everyday people's notions.

When Teacher's lecture in Los Angeles was published, I realized that the Fa-rectification progress has reached another level. For our individual cultivation, Teacher asked us to be truly able to do it instead of taking our time to try to do it. In the overall coordination and cooperation, we also need to catch up with the Fa-rectification progress. I realized that only by not being attached to ourselves will we be able to truly cooperate with others and cultivate compassion. We will then be willing to quietly complement others' actions to harmonize things without hatred or complaints. Only when we eliminate selfishness can we remove the separations among ourselves.