Teaching the Fa in Canada, 2006

(Li Hongzhi, May 28, 2006, in the city of Toronto)

You have all worked hard. (Disciples applaud enthusiastically and reply in unison: "Greetings, Master! Master has worked hard!")

These large-scale Fa conferences are grand events for Dafa disciples outside of Mainland China. Many new students and students from far away participate in each large-scale Fa conference, so aside from holding other activities at each Fa conference, the conference should truly have a real impact on and help to elevate your cultivation. That way, the trip will be worthwhile for those of you who are new students and those who journey from afar. So Dafa disciples' Fa conferences are not mere formalities that have to be carried out each year, but rather, they are held for the sake of true, lived cultivation. They are also a setting I have given you, the only setting in which Dafa disciples can gather and learn from each other via discussion on a large scale. So you must see to it that the goal is truly met, and make them truly conducive to your improvement in cultivation. Only then is a conference meaningful.

You know, by now Dafa disciples are very clear on this approach to cultivation [that we have] today. I think that those in the audience here are for the most part able to meet the requirements as to how a Dafa disciple cultivates. The form of cultivation in Dafa is one in which cultivation is done among ordinary people, and it established for the first time ever a form in which people cultivate in ordinary society. This approach was established on day one when I began to impart the Fa. Never had [something like] this come about before, from antiquity up through the present.

When I teach the Fa, I have to start from the things at a lower level and work my way up. I start from the basics, which makes it understandable for a larger number of people. That's why at the beginning I didn't teach things at a high level. The whole creation of the Three Realms was, in fact, for the purpose of Dafa's dissemination today. There was no Three Realms in the cosmos of the past, and mankind did not exist. Mankind was created by gods. That's an absolute truth. Why have extraterrestrial lives come to the earth so frequently? They have had many reasons. And those aside, they are in awe of the human body, in which they have seen so many things they had never seen before. The reason is, in the cosmos of the past, this environment--that is, these dimensions where the Three Realms now exist--was inhabited by a variety of lowly creatures, including what we refer to today as aliens. They are in fact lowly creatures that have gained a certain technological expertise. [But then] suddenly this cosmic body went through enormous changes, and human beings came into being as the world was created; a being such as man came into existence. Those [alien] creatures think, looking from that technological standpoint of theirs, that the composition of the human body, the entire design and functioning of the human body, is just so perfect. Of course, why is that the case? Because it was created by gods. Compared to those simple creatures, those lowly beings who at one time inhabited this dimension, the human body is something entirely different.

Man was created by gods, so he has the appearance of a god and even an internal structure like that of gods; it's only that he lacks the capacity to do things as gods do. Also, this dimension renders lives unable to see the true picture of things, and has the creatures in this dimension in an environment that was specifically prescribed and specially made; it is a place made up of a multitude of gods who ensure human beings' existence. This environment renders the human beings in this dimension able to see only objects in this dimension, and not objects beyond this dimension or even objects that exist in this dimension in a special manner--though there are a small number of people with a good underlying base who can see or come into contact with such things. This has bolstered most people's belief that man is the only life form in the universe, and they even think that the conditions for life's existence here are the only ones required for the existence of life for any living thing in the whole universe. As a result, mankind has sealed itself off still further. So no matter how mankind goes about researching things or trying to understand them, it cannot see the true picture of the universe. This state of being is in fact normal, for it is a limitation set by gods. Man was supposed to live at this level and in a realm such as this. In other words, people will never arrive at the true picture of the universe if they use merely human means to explore it, however they may try. That too is something set forth by gods.

So what was the purpose of all this? It was to keep human beings in that state--a steady state--before Dafa was imparted, and to maintain it all the way up to the day Dafa was to be taught. That's why all events that have taken place in the history of the world, during the course of different historical periods, and dating back to the creation of the Three Realms and mankind--including the early state of affairs after man first appeared, and all the way up through what took place over the last few thousand years after the standard culture of man came about, for example, all of the famous persons and major events in history--they were meant in fact to establish a culture, ways of thinking, and human concepts and values so that people would be able to recognize the Fa and the true culture of cultivation the day that Dafa was taught. Had all of this not been established in history, the Dafa disciples who are sitting here today would be in a primitive state, one similar to how human beings were just after gods created them, and they wouldn't be able to understand anything. If that were the case, it would be impossible to teach the Fa, and it would be impossible for people to understand the Fa. "What is cultivation?"--they would have no idea. Put in the simplest terms, it would be analogous to today's people having no culture. How, then, would this Fa be taught today? There would be no way. So all of those things, from ancient times up to today, took place for the sole purpose of establishing the culture needed for Dafa's dissemination.

I have been doing this in two steps. The first one involves Fa-rectification, and the Dafa disciples who have made it through via Fa-rectification cultivation are Fa-Rectification Period Dafa Disciples. There will be more in the future, that is, cultivators of the period in which the Fa rectifies the human world, the next step. At that point the entire cosmos, with the exception of mankind, will have gone through Fa-rectification. I have often talked about the interference to Fa-rectification from the old cosmos's elements, the old forces, and the many varieties of bad beings from high levels. At that time none of those things will exist, except for that which is at a low level and that will be left for the purpose of helping the cultivators of the future to improve. What will the Fa's rectification of the human world be like when there is no interference from high-level old factors? Think about it, with no resistance from those high-level, old-force elements with power, and given that human beings are very weak to begin with, and that the beings in the universe's lower dimensions and the beings in the dimensions of the Three Realms don't have any major abilities, at the time of the Fa's rectification of the human world the situation will be different, for sure. Right now people are wondering: What will happen when the wicked Party is gone? What will things be like then? What will China's future government be like? There is no need to think or do anything about that. Of course, as you validate the Fa and clarify the truth, you can infer things with your current understanding. There is no problem with doing that, since it's okay to infer things based on the normal logic and understanding a person has. But as far as what will really happen, that's not up to human beings, and it won't resemble how people now imagine it. At that time human society will have changed completely, the state of things will have changed entirely, and society's structure will have altogether changed.

So during this period, especially since this is the period where Dafa disciples are validating the Fa while Fa-rectification is taking place, the requirements for this group of cultivators are especially high. Since these cultivators are here while Fa-rectification is taking place, they shoulder a lot and their responsibilities are great. No matter how many Law Bodies Master has or how enormous his power is in the cosmos, his main body is [after all] amidst layers of partitioning of the old cosmos, and is directing everything in Fa-rectification from this world. Mankind and the Three Realms were created for the needs of Fa-rectification in the first place, and Master's main body is here, so the focal point of the evil's interference to Fa-rectification is likewise here. Dafa disciples are validating the Fa, safeguarding the Fa, and at the same time cultivating themselves here, so their responsibilities are of course enormous; and they also need to save the sentient beings here, and this responsibility is likewise momentous for Dafa disciples. That makes the Dafa disciples of the Fa-rectification period all the more extraordinary.

As I have said, although in history there were cultivation forms of different sorts, those were merely establishing a culture. What is cultivation? Only what [you have here] today is true cultivation of human beings. (Applause) Only this format today is recognized by all gods in the cosmos as true cultivation. (Applause) All of those things in the past were establishing a culture. No human being who has entered the Three Realms has ever made it out. No being who came to this human world from the larger universe has managed to return to the heavens--it has never happened. Despite all the talk about cultivation that has taken place, nobody has ever succeeded at it. And though they talked much about ascending to the heavens, nobody ever made it up there. You know about the subordinate soul. There have been subordinate souls that ascended to the heavens after using the human body as a vehicle for cultivation. After using a human being as a vehicle, the subordinate soul would assume a human image, and that is why some people have seen this or that person ascend to the heavens via some past cultivation method. They might say that the person was seen ascending to the heavens upon his death, but the one who ascended to the heavens was not the person's main soul, nor truly that person. So none of the beings that have come to the Three Realms have ever made it back. Those who did were all subordinate souls, and what became of the main body was never something the subordinate soul deemed important. Human beings have never been deemed important by any gods.

I have said before that gods, too, were created and established in different time periods. The gods who were able to get close to this place were unclear about the true picture of the cosmos, and even the Three Realms' history and the reasons for its existence. And in particular, those gods who are able to interact with human beings are of a low level, and they weren't at all clear on these things. They didn't even know why human beings existed, and that is why human beings were not important to them at all. Back when I was teaching the Dafa, many gods said, "You are teaching Dafa even when human beings have degenerated this far, and you are even teaching them such a great Fa." How could they know the real significance of man's existence? Of course, they now realize it and they all know. As Fa-rectification progresses step by step and the truth is unceasingly displayed, some gods who played a negative role have come to realize their mistakes and gradually seen the truth, and have thus become clear. But the most fundamental issue, which is the fact that the old forces are to be entirely denied on a fundamental level, is something they still can't ultimately and fully accept. They still can't see this truth. When things arrive at the final step and they see the truth, it will be too late, and will spell disaster for them.

Since this is to be done in two stages, even though human society is quite indifferent upon seeing Dafa disciples being persecuted, and the way things are in human society suggests that there isn't any major impact upon ordinary society--all the professions are running like clockwork after all, and this machinery that is human society is still carrying on and operating normally--that is because things related to human beings aren't to be done until the time when the Fa rectifies the human world. Right now I basically haven't done anything about human beings, and as you save the world's people you are doing nothing more than awakening and encouraging people's consciences and innate goodness. While persecuting Dafa disciples, the evil, so that it could have a way to justify its persecution of Dafa disciples, has wanted all of the world's people to oppose Dafa disciples and Dafa and to not leave a foothold for Dafa disciples in the world. So it fed a slew of lies to human society and has used all of China's propaganda tools to cause an uproar, trying in vain to make the whole world believe its lies and join in with persecuting Dafa disciples. That being the case, a lot of sentient beings that didn't know the truth, many of the world's people, were poisoned. So what this says is, the goal of Dafa disciples' clarifying the truth during this period is to save people and eliminate the poisoning of people by those old elements and by the vile party's evil specters. The reason is, the old forces are to be weeded out during Fa-rectification, the vile party and the evil specters will likewise be weeded out for sure, and all who have a hand in what they do will be weeded out. This is a law laid down in Fa-rectification, and it has to be done this way. If we don't go and save someone like that, he or she will be weeded out by history along with the evil.

When a life is truly weeded out it is horrific. The type of death visible to people isn't horrific, because that is not the death of the person's true being. When a human dies, he is only taking off a shell that is made up of [things in] the most surface material dimension, just like taking off an article of clothing; whereas the real life has reentered the cycle of reincarnation. Of course, some cultivators in the past who cultivated well had a subordinate soul of theirs picked up and led away at the end of their lives, but that wasn't the person himself. This is something that happens after a person dies. Only the cultivation established by Dafa can truly bring a person success. For all of history no one has known why man came here and man's place in the world. And exactly because these are mysteries, no god has known the answers--a situation which has effectively ensured the stability of mankind, the stability of the Three Realms, and the safety of human beings.

These mysteries are now being gradually revealed, and gods and beings in the heavens are gradually coming to realize and know the truth as well. Answers to questions such as, "Why has Dafa been taught? Why has such an enormous Fa been taught to mankind? Why are human beings so fortunate?" [are becoming clear to them.] Those gods often used to say to me, "Only human beings are important to you." They were implying, "We're not important to you. In Fa-rectification you are so strict with us, and yet so lenient with human beings." Now they no longer say that. No one says that anymore. In other words, the Three Realms, the human world, and mankind--all of these things affect the entire cosmos, and are connected with the salvation of the boundless, countless beings in the entire cosmos. Among them are boundless, countless high-level beings, and extremely high-level beings. Isn't this a momentous thing? But a human being who has long been in a state of delusion can't see the true picture of things from within the Three Realms. Given that human beings can't see what is true, in the Three Realms a state had to be provided for them with which they could maintain a human way of life. And being in a state of delusion, human beings are sure to get ensnared in that state, with the result that they harm one another for the sake of survival and vie and fight over things. Regardless of whether what they do appears calm or intense, it's all for the sake of personal gain and out of selfish motives. But in any case, since this state was arranged for human beings, as long as they act within the set boundaries of that state it won't be counted as their being at fault. With humans having been in this setting and this state of delusion for a long time, since the time Dafa started spreading, the question has become whether people can see the Fa for what it is and whether they can break out of the shell in which they have so long been sealed. For human beings this has become a question of utmost importance. It might seem unfair to human beings, but it is in fact fair.

So when human beings have come here and are among other human beings, whoever here, in this setting, goes beyond the set boundaries of this state and during the course of his life keeps doing serious harm to others and bad things, that person is spoiling this environment and spoiling this state that human beings are to have, and he is sinning against this momentous affair itself. So while Dafa is being disseminated and during the course of Dafa disciples' cultivation, when it comes to whether people can obtain the Fa and whether they can cultivate to the end, the amount of karma they accrued in history definitely causes varying degrees of challenges for them as human beings or as cultivators. Put frankly, when it comes to the questions of whether someone can obtain the Fa and whether someone can cultivate all the way, there will be different forms of interference for different people. Those troubles all stem from the person's own past actions, so no one should complain. Who can obtain the Fa? Who can break out of the shell? And who can truly, rationally see this Fa for what it is? Viewed in this light, things are indeed fair for sentient beings.

For human beings, the attitude they hold toward something as significant as this is of utmost importance. So this state of delusion has an effect on human beings: When it comes to whether you can cultivate, whether you can see the Truth, whether you can see the true picture of things, and whether you can encounter this Fa, the fact that the lives are in a state of delusion indeed makes things terribly hard for them. That's why the Dafa disciples we have sitting here today don't include the entire human race. Of course, as I have said, the spreading of Dafa has been fair to all beings. One's social status or position does not matter--only one's heart and one's attitude toward Dafa matter. In fact, the entire Fa-rectification has been done in this most lenient, most merciful manner. The mistakes that beings made in history are not counted against them. No matter how large of a crime you committed or mistake you made in history, none of it is held against you: Only your attitude towards Fa-rectification today and your understanding of Dafa matter. That's the only thing that counts. If you can't accept even Dafa, then you have lost your chance. If you say, "I don't acknowledge Dafa," well, if you don't acknowledge Dafa you are not acknowledging the future, for the future is made by this Fa.

Most all of the entire cosmos has been completed in Fa-rectification. I described it as a balancing scale before. Between the old and new cosmos, the new cosmos was ever gaining in weight, and the part that had gone through Fa-rectification was ever increasing, and that side was pushing down as if on a balancing scale. Now that's no longer a question, as the formation of the new cosmos is basically fully done. (Warm applause) What remains are the final elements. And when all of those things are resolved, the last stage of Fa-rectification will draw to a close. After Fa-rectification ends, the era of the new cosmos will begin. And in the end only the human world will be left to do. The expanse of this Earth and mankind's Three Realms will be surrounded and sealed off, and be separated from the new and greater cosmos. Haven't today's scientists discovered that the Milky Way is growing further and further away from the universe, and separating from it at a rapid pace? It's actually a process of departure. After Fa-rectification in the new cosmos is done, the effect that all lives in the Three Realms would have upon the new cosmos would be polluting, and that's why the Three Realms needs to be separated, sealed off, and dealt with in isolation, and that is the [stage of] Fa's rectification of the human world.

Dafa disciples are cultivating in this period, and the responsibilities they shoulder are that numerous and weighty. Now you have heard this clearly and realized it--so that is the purpose of man's existence and the cultivation state that Dafa disciples have. You should thus be clearer than ever about the format of cultivating in this world, for only this is cultivation, and only this is truly the cultivation arranged for the lives within the Three Realms. Everything that appeared in the past was for the purpose of establishing a culture for mankind, whereas this is the final starting point by which human beings are to truly re-ascend, and that is why the requirements for the cultivators who are doing this cultivation are different. The three things that Master has taught you in the Fa to do well seem simple, but [things such as] whether you are diligent and the Attainment Status you will achieve are linked to it. Dafa has been established in human society, and your form of cultivation has you conform to ordinary society to the maximum extent. Many people think it's about being lenient with and making things convenient for our cultivation, but diligent students don't see it that way. It is, rather, the path that Dafa disciples must take as they cultivate. So everything that you do, be it your balancing well your family relationships while you live among ordinary people, balancing well your relationships in society, how you perform at your workplace, how you conduct yourself in society, etc., none of these are things you can just go through the motions on. All of these are part of your cultivation format, and are serious matters.

Many students understand only that doing the exercises and studying the Fa are cultivation. Yes, with those you directly engage the Fa. But as you go about truly cultivating yourself in your day-to-day life, the society that you come into contact with is your cultivation environment. The work and family environments that you spend time in are both settings in which you are to cultivate yourselves, are part of the path you must walk, are what you must handle, and handle correctly at that. None of these should be glossed over. When you have made it to the end, [a question would be]: How did you travel the path that Master arranged for you? When all is said and done, these things have to be taken into account. And in the course of your cultivation these things have to be looked at, too. So you shouldn't neglect anything. As far as convenience goes, [in Dafa] a person can cultivate without having to enter a monastery, go to a secluded mountain, or leave the secular world. But from another perspective, all of this adds a layer of difficulty: If you are to make it through, you have to do well with things such as all of the above, and do well in every aspect of your life.

Having said that, different people understand the Fa at different levels, and there are newer students. Some people might figure, "When I take care of domestic things I'm cultivating. It's good enough if I build closer relationships with my parents and siblings." Then you have developed a new attachment and gone to an extreme. You do have to do everything well, but you can't go overboard; when you go overboard it's another attachment. Also, you need to have the right attitude toward Dafa and truly regard yourself as a cultivator. How you try to be diligent, how you regard the Fa, and how you cultivate--including the length and priority of your Fa study--you can't neglect any of these things, and they are actually more important, for this is your path, the path that you are to take. You are precisely to cultivate out of ordinary human society, and you are precisely to exist alongside the Fa-rectification while it is under way and be responsible to sentient beings. That is why you are to cultivate this way.

I've said before that if you were all to go off to secluded mountains or monasteries to cultivate, you wouldn't have a lot of contact with society, and you wouldn't be able to effectively save beings as widely, right? So wasn't there a reason you were advised to do things as you are now? Doing it this way provides you with circumstances better suited for saving beings, doesn't it? Of course, as you go about cultivating, you--who are cultivators--are sure to meet with tests, for you need to elevate. When someone doesn't handle things well, troubles will constantly arise. But those who do handle things well will constantly meet with tests as they cultivate. If you categorically regard all of them as interference and try to resolve the troubles just for the sake of resolving them, then you won't be able to resolve them, because they come about for the sake of your improvement. You should view them with righteous thoughts, [asking yourselves,] "With this trouble I'm facing, what's the correct approach to all that has to do with this interference, and how should I balance it against the goal of saving sentient beings? And how should I go about it in a way that's responsible to sentient beings, and view the occurrence of these things as good grounds for clarifying the truth, or as good opportunities to clarify the truth?" Under normal circumstances you might not have a reason to go approach people and clarify the truth to them, and if you do so out of the blue they might not want to meet with you. Doesn't the interference give you a chance to interact with people? Shouldn't you seize the opportunity and clarify the truth to them? The greatest responsibility Dafa disciples have, aside from cultivating themselves, is that of saving lives. So could you not do that? And how could you not do it well? So don't regard the occurrence of whatever problems you face as interference to your rightful tasks, to your Fa study, or to your clarifying the truth. That's not the case. When a problem arises, it provides an opportunity for clarifying the truth.

Haven't I said that when you look at things in the Three Realms, things are reversed? Many of the things that mankind considers bad are good. And many things that mankind considers good are bad. Isn't the conventional wisdom in the human world inverted? Human beings think it's a bad thing to experience hardships. But suffering hardships can reduce an ordinary person's karma and sins. When a person endures a lot of hardship during his lifetime, he will receive blessings in his next life. When someone has money or enjoys a high rank in the next life, it owes to his having done good deeds and accumulated blessings and virtue in his previous life. If a person keeps doing bad things, doesn't have even a bit of blessings or virtue left, and has accumulated much karma, then in his next life he will not only have no blessings or virtue, nor enjoy any good fortune, but he will also have to pay for all that karma. So he will be poverty-stricken his whole life and looked down upon by others. He may even think that the world is unfair to him in all sorts of ways, when in reality it's all because he is paying back the debts he accrued in his previous life. This is speaking in terms of human beings. For cultivators, then, doesn't this environment provide exactly opportunities to improve oneself? Dafa disciples all know that enduring hardship eliminates karma, and that it furthermore furnishes opportunities to improve oneself. They are able to view it correctly, and along with paying off their karma they are able to seize the opportunity and do a good job with the things they should do. Even though it's hard, those are tests that they must overcome. When you are able to think correctly on the matter, keep the difficulty in the right perspective, and make it through the right way, you will have overcome that test, your level will have been raised, your realm will have elevated, and your gong will have risen, right? Isn't this how the entire process of Fa-rectification cultivation works?

Remember, what is for human beings conventional wisdom is inverted. So when you encounter troublesome things as you cultivate, don't regard them all as problems, as interference to your rightful tasks, or as attacks against those tasks, or think, "This thing I'm doing is of utmost importance, that thing I'm doing is of utmost importance..." Many things might not truly be how you see them, in fact. Your true improvement will always be first and foremost, and the consummation of your cultivation is always first and foremost. But you can't think, "Since you've said my cultivation and improvement are the most important, nobody should interfere with it." You'd again be wrong. Doesn't interference provide opportunities to improve oneself? From my perspective, being your master, I think your improvement is the most important, but that doesn't mean that as you improve a smooth path is in store for you. Say you went up to the heavens with a lot of karma and were hauling along a huge load of baggage (audience laughs), how could that be permitted? I have to set up certain tests for you and have you let go of those attachments of yours, have you get rid of all that baggage. As you go through one test after another, you are to continually shed your attachments and human thinking, and you won't be able to carry those things into the various tests [and still pass them]. So when a test arrives, you say, "That's trouble," and some people even go everywhere looking for Master and ask, "Oh my, how am I going to resolve it?" Well, how could I resolve it for you? If I were to resolve it, you couldn't pass that test. If we took away the test, are you supposed to go forward while hauling a load of baggage with you? So I can't take away that test for you. (Master chuckles) Does that make sense? That's why I say that when it comes to cultivation, you must truly grasp what cultivation is, be truly and rationally responsible to your own cultivation, truly handle everything you encounter with righteous thoughts, and have strong righteous thoughts.

At the last West Coast Fa conference, didn't I talk about how a lot of Dafa practitioners aren't able to take criticism? They refuse to be criticized. As soon as others say something they explode, get upset, or start a confrontation with someone. They want to hear only pleasant things. So you just want to walk a smooth path, don't you? You want to ascend to the heavens with your big load of baggage? Isn't that in essence what you want to do? You have to let go of all bad, human thoughts and every type of attachment you have. Isn't not wanting to hear criticism an attachment? You want to hear only pleasant things, but how could that be? [Arrangements are made] exactly to have others say unpleasant things and see if you are moved. A god wouldn't pay any heed to what a human being said about him--you can't affect him. He wouldn't in the least try to figure out how what you do relates to him. He pays no attention at all, because you cannot affect him. Gods can control the human mind and lead humans to do certain things, not vice versa. How could human beings possibly affect gods? So if you wish to become a divine being, don't you yourself have to be that way? Don't you have to let go of those attachments? And don't you have to let go of those feelings of yours that can be stirred up by human beings?

The same applies even when the trouble is caused by a fellow Dafa disciple. You might say, "This isn't trouble created by ordinary people, so it's hard to overcome." That's for certain. The Dafa disciples who are cultivating are not gods, but human beings too. And when it is human beings cultivating, all kinds of human attachments surface. So in this cultivation environment of Dafa disciples, it can only be said that beings are continually moving upward; the environment can't be made as pure as that of gods. But this environment is much better than that of ordinary people. That's the only way it can be, and it will become ever better. That is why in this environment of Dafa disciples, all kinds of human attachments have played out, and even very bad conduct has occurred. Haven't you seen all of this on the journey you have traveled? It's to be expected.

Yes, many people are very worried when Dafa is negatively affected, and think, "How could this fellow cultivator have acted so poorly?" Yes, if everyone thinks that way, you will be able to safeguard this environment and constantly improve its purity. But problems will still occur, and human attachments will still play out. I've been watching the overall state of things, and I knew that these things would be sure to unfold in a cultivation environment, but I also know that these things will for sure be gradually removed during the course of your cultivation. Since [you are] cultivating, in the end everyone will have improved, and I know that, too. That's how it is when people cultivate in this setting. But none of you should let up, nor should you be indifferent when you see others sully Dafa's name--that is a requirement upon you. Being Dafa disciples, aren't you all to protect and validate the Fa? That is your responsibility. So things are not merely as you envision them as you go about cultivating. Though you are to regard cultivation as primary, you can't think no other things are important, thinking your family is unimportant, society is unimportant, etc., and that nothing else is important. Balancing all of those parts of your life well is the path that you are to walk. I've said that in your cultivation you should conform to the way of ordinary society to the greatest extent possible. Of course, there are all kinds of people. Those who try to damage the Fa have even said something in those labor camps that try to "transform" students, namely, "Hasn't Master said that while you cultivate you should conform to ordinary society to the greatest extent possible? You should go back to being an ordinary person and stop studying [Dafa]. Turn your books in." Yes, there are all kinds of people. But of course, are you, on a most fundamental level, a cultivator? If you separate yourself from even the Fa, how are you to cultivate? Many ordinary people call me Master, but they are not cultivators. In other words, not everyone who calls me Master counts as a cultivator. You must truly cultivate yourself in your everyday life, and truly regard yourself as a cultivator.

I said a few things just now. Your Fa conferences need to achieve real results. I listened to the students' speeches earlier. Your conference has been quite spirited, and it's quite good. So I'm pleased. I won't take up more of your time. I just came to see you all. Whenever I come, it is to, for one, address a few issues, and secondly, to see everybody. Haven't some people said that you have Master here and the Fa here? Well, then try to do well at all of the things that you are supposed to do. Thank you all. (Long, enthusiastic applause)

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