(Clearwisdom.net) Recently, I have seen and heard from team members complaining about the insufficient number of practitioners available to work on projects, and of problems with coordination. I would like to talk a little bit about these issues from of my own point of view. Please kindly point it out to me if my view is not correct.

Teacher has said many times that he deplores this persecution. We are not here to cultivate in order to oppose persecution. That is to say, opposing the persecution is not the purpose of cultivation. We cultivate not because of the arrangements of the old forces. Opposing the persecution is only a means or a tool to reach consummation. While we face this persecution, how we stay calm in our hearts, how we behave, and how we harmonize Dafa, are the tests for Dafa practitioners to upgrade our xinxing and to improve ourselves

I have seen that practitioners during this final stage have capabilities and supernormal abilities. Some practitioners don't achieve the goal of having righteous minds. Their minds are full of focusing only on doing work, showing off, or searching for comfort. They do not realize that they have these mindsets and that the old forces are able to utilize their different thinking as means to test Dafa practitioners. Fellow practitioners, we are here to assist Teacher in validating the Fa. Can the evil Chinese Communist Party decide when the persecution will end? Shouldn't we be more positive that this persecution is to be ended now? How should we do it? Isn't it we who should grasp every opportunity to do everything we can do? We not only need to do it, but we also need to cultivate ourselves.

Teacher has scooped us out of hell and gives us lives that are beyond the Three Realms. Teacher exhausted everything for all sentient beings in the cosmos and with the hope that practitioners can attain consummation. How do we repay Teacher's benevolence for saving us? How shall we respect Teacher and the Fa? Do we only choose to work on the items that interest us? Do we pick on the shortcomings of fellow practitioners? Or do we just do any work we are qualified to do and can afford to do, even when these works are not showy, or not what we prefer? Even though we aren't sure whether our abilities can handle them or not, as long as Dafa needs it, we'll endure any hardship and cooperate wholeheartedly with the needs of the group. A life that obtains the Fa is extremely precious. Why don't we cherish this precious cultivation opportunity that one can only have once in thousands of years? Teacher came to this dirty world for us. Why don't we seize the time to cultivate our way back? What are we waiting for?

Teacher says in "Shock and Frighten" from Hong Yin II:

"Old forces show no respect to the Fa,
A flourish of brushes quells the wild surge"

(Provisional translation)

In this crucial historic moment, the old forces will go to any lengths to defame Falun Dafa and make sentient beings not pay respect to Dafa and thus prevent them from being saved. Being Dafa practitioners, how can we encourage sentient beings to respect and have righteous thoughts for Dafa? We need to set an example for others. Teacher has reminded us time and again that we need to study the Fa well. Have we taken it seriously? The Fa is so precious. If we study the Fa mindfully, we will be rewarded accordingly.

Studying the Fa diligently and well is the only guarantee to reaching consummation. It is absolutely not taking the incidental for the fundamental. Fellow practitioners, it doesn't matter who you are and how much ability you have, you must cherish yourself. Our home is in heaven. We can only return there through cultivation. The old forces use every means to make us busy doing ordinary daily work so that we don't have time to study the Fa. We must not miss this precious opportunity to study Zhuan Falun.

I would like to suggest to everyone that we read more frequently Essentials For Further Advancement, both I and II. At this stage, for many of the questions we have encountered, Teacher has already answered them, but because we are often in the middle of these things we have forgotten the answers. Where would we place Teacher then? The best way is to memorize the Fa. If we can't do that, at least we should study the Fa more frequently. Then there will be no obstacle we can't overcome. Let me repeat it: Study the Fa more frequently, every one of us.

Let us review together, "Settle the Heart" from Hong Yin:

Predestination is already established,
Fa is being cultivated,
Read the book more,
Consummation is near.