Pass the Deadly Test

Some people haven't made Fa study a priority, and while the evil persecution of Dafa disciples and intense pressure from the ruthless red terror have taken place, their omissions have been exploited by the evil because of their fears, and they have done bad things to Dafa and Dafa disciples that they should not have done. They have served as secret agents and moles for the vile Party's intelligence agencies such as the CCP's Ministry of State Security, Headquarters of the General Staff [of the army], Ministry of Public Security, etc. When some of them have given in to the evil, they have done things, in varying amounts and of differing degrees, that are utterly disgraceful for cultivators to do. Being lives themselves, they all know deep down that Dafa is good, so after they do those things they regret it. They want to return to cultivation, but they now have something that the CCP secret agents can use against them, so they are filled with remorse. They fear that, if they return, the secret agents will use those things against them to threaten them. And they are even more afraid that once Dafa disciples learn about what they have done, they will be too ashamed to face those Dafa disciples. It's quite a dilemma for them.

The truth is, losing this opportunity of the ages and not fulfilling the real purpose of coming to this world are more terrifying than the attachment of being too ashamed to face others. Cultivation is cultivation, and cultivation is about getting rid of one's attachments, putting a stop to bad human behavior and all kinds of fears, including the human attachments of being afraid of this and being afraid of that. You went down a wrong path because of your attachments and fears to begin with, and now, when you want to come back, you are again being held back by fear and letting it block your return.

Fear can cause one to make mistakes, and fear can cause one to lose a predestined opportunity. Fear is a death trap on a human being's journey toward divinity. You have made huge mistakes because of it already, and yet now that you want to correct them you are afraid of people finding out about them. Cultivation is a serious matter. If you keep harboring fears like this, when are you going to stop being held back by fear? To those students in particular who have been covering up all of these things and have seemingly acted better than most other students, if you don't let go of this attachment, stop your sinful behavior, and get rid of your fears, then no matter how many Dafa disciples' things you do, you are doing them to cover things up. If you let go of these sins that you have been carrying around and suppressing inside and you make your way back, then everything you do will be clean and part of a Dafa disciple's cultivation.

As your Master, I have never kept account of the wrong things you have done in your cultivation; I remember only the good things you have done and your accomplishments. Dafa disciples have made it through during cultivation and unparalleled evil persecution, so they are deeply aware of the hardships in cultivation, and they won't fail to understand the students who have gone down the wrong path. So I am telling you one more time here: All students who have made these kinds of mistakes [spying], starting now it's best that you publicly state that you are getting rid of that filthy burden and returning to Dafa. Only when you openly reveal everything that you have done wrong will you be able to break free from the secret agents' entanglement and threats. And only when you openly reveal those things will you be able to remove your attachments and fears. Dafa disciples and I will not regard students who have gone down the wrong path in their cultivation the way ordinary people would. Back when I began teaching the Fa in human society, I knew about the various states that would emerge in people's cultivation. During a human being's journey toward divinity, since it is a human being--and not a god--cultivating, he will definitely make mistakes in the process of cultivating, and there will definitely be tests that he doesn't pass well. And of course there are those who make huge mistakes. Once you have recognized your problem, the key question is whether you are determined to get rid of it. Only when you are determined to emerge from it can it be called cultivation, and that is cultivation.

I hope that the students who have gone down the wrong path won't keep making mistakes. This may be the last time Master teaches the Fa to students like these. Seize your opportunity. Countless gods are watching you, and Dafa disciples and I are looking forward to your return.

Li Hongzhi

May 9, 2006