(Clearwisdom.net) Ever since the the atrocities at Chinese Communist regime's Sujiatun concentration camp were revealed, the website of Falun Gong Human Rights Working Group, (http://www.flghrwg.net/), has published comments from around the world to condemn what is happening. Following are some of them:

GT From Queensland, Australia

I am deeply saddened to have read the recent reports of a concentration camp discovered in Northeastern China where innocent citizens have been secretly imprisoned and many murdered having had their internal organs harvested to be sold for profit overseas.

Informants, risking their own lives, have come forward to expose this human calamity and I believe that it is the responsibility of every major media the world over to further investigate these reports to assist in bringing an end to this and other alleged death camps controlled by the Chinese Communist Party's brutal regime.

From the atrocities of the Nazi camps and now, as similar horrors resurface in China, we as individuals and as nations of the civilized world, must take immediate action to save those whose lives still remain seriously threatened and to truly affirm to the world - "Never Again"!

K.T. From Greece

Please let all people know about what's really happening now in China. Let's email this page: http://falunhr.org/index.php?option=content&task=view&id=1495&Itemid to all we do or don't know.

G.S. From USA

China should be kicked out of the WTO for these human rights abuses!

N. B. From Toronto Canada

Many horrible things go on every day in this world, I cannot imagine what goes in the minds of torturers. Then I wonder, when heads of state go on trade missions to China and never raise any Human rights abuses that are going on. Maybe a boycott of the Chinese Olympics is in order.

J. W. From UK

How can this happen in the 21st century? It is the most horrific thing I've seen in reality, and the offenders are not worthy to call themselves Citizens. For God's sake, someone must stop this!! We have intervened for far less!!!!

F. M. S. From: UK

Absolutely disgusting for supposedly civilized people with a long history.

M. G. and R. A. From India

What we have been hearing and reading is a shame to all of humanity, including ourselves, since we let these things happen all the time. When are we going to learn from history? Once more, the medical profession has shown its complicity with political terrorism, as in Nazi Germany.

M. L.W. From: USA

China has to stop this horrendous treatment of innocent people. Those who commit torture need to be brought to justice now!

K.S. From India

It sounds incredible. But the Chinese government is certainly capable of such acts. This incident should be thoroughly investigated and the culprits punished.

K. H. From Devon, United Kingdom

I cannot believe that things like this are still going on in the "civilized" 21st century. It must stop

L.K. From United States of America

I am appalled at the inhumanity of those that are a part of this terrible atrocity in China and can only hope & pray that pressure is put on them to stop this barbaric practice of genocide. The Holocaust was terrible and I'd hoped we would never see anything like it again. China seems to be repeating that practice and doing so for profit as well. Disgusting & disappointing!

J. L. From USA

The PRC is a genocidal regime, this must not be forgotten.

K. From New York

What Chinese are doing is inhuman and unthinkable.

Prof. A.R. From Toronto, Canada

Somebody has to stop the Chinese Communist Government from committing these unbearable crimes against humanity!

B.B. From Kosovo

I am shocked. All of us have to do something to stop this evil.

M. H. From Serbia,

The appalling treatment of those who practice Falun Gong by the Chinese authorities constitutes a grave breach of human rights. This must stop now.

L. L. From Alhambra, Ca. USA

This reprehensible, venal atrocity should incur the strongest censor, sanction and boycott.

Langues en Art From Québec/Canada

We should not only do our best to insure that we not ever knowingly purchase any product produced by the Peoples Republic of China. But, most importantly we should NOT ATTEND THE OLYMPICS in that country. What if you were arrested? Do you feel safe? Can we be assured of our return or would it be in a box of ashes...

J. S. From Miami, FL USA

"Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere"


As human rights activists we must band together to condemn these atrocities and repeat the old battle cry: "Never Again"

N.M. / Free Cuba Foundation From Miami, FL USA

To witness a crime and remain silent is to be complicit.

R. V. I. From USA

This has to stop. We should no longer tolerate corporations dictating human rights, and how would a corporation want to do business with a country that has such disregard for human life?

M. B. From Canada

The Sujiatun Death Camp is a living hell for the Falun Gong and must be stopped. Write to your Government officials about this and ask them to condemn these crimes against humanity.

H. T. From USA

This is unacceptable in this day and age. How can one ask so barbaric to ones own people. Why is it that everyone cannot believe what they want to? I hope my added voice can help the struggle.

J. L. From Ireland

Until the Chinese government provides proper accountability for the treatment of prisoners, we must take them to task for their human rights record.

K. T. From U.S.A.

My heart and respect go out to all the Falun Gong practitioners suffering. I will do my best to keep their situation in the forefront of my mind so it may guide my daily decisions and practices here. We must all work to protect every human beings basic rights. My prayers are with you.

S. F. From USA,

Shame on the government of China for abusing the human rights of its people. Leave Falun Gong alone. It does not threaten China.


We need to respect all creation of GOD

DO UNTO OTHERS AS YOU WANT THEM TO DO UNTO YOU. Whatever these criminals are doing will backfire one day or another in this life or in another one. This is disgusting. I still can't believe in this 21st century people are still treating other human beings that way. It's a pity and at the same time shame on them.

N. M-R. From UK

Spreading your news. The Truth always comes out in the end. Will keep you in our healing prayers. There is a higher law than man's, and no one escapes it. What you give out, sometime in your existence you will receive. The torturer will eventually at some stage become the victim.

Patriots For Common Sense From USA

The Red Chinese Fascists/Stalinists are wicked and greedy. I would never put something made in China in my mouth or on my body. I try to boycott stuff made there. Outrageous!!!

C. From USA

This is sick. Would have thought that we learned our lessons long ago. We need to do something.

N. H. From Cameroon

Difficult to believe that such practices still exist today. I thought The Abolition of slavery meant an end to In-Human Treatment. Shame to the Chinese regime. The world must get up from slumber and stop tyrannies from killing their fellow citizens. RED CARD to Chinese products.

J. From France

The non-respect of human rights is not new but this is crazy. Torturing like that and for such a ridiculous reason is just not human.

L.D. From Canada

Please stop torturing your people. We are all connected - what hurts one hurts all of us. Next time it could be you.

I will be looking more carefully at the products I buy and will boycott all Chinese products wherever possible.

R. From Mauritius

I wonder what these torturers see when they look at themselves in a mirror. They will definitely pay for their misdeeds. It's just a matter of time. I am stopping to buy Chinese. Words are not enough to express the shame if all that is true. Disgusting.

M.C. From Canada

I read three days ago the reports about the horrible death camp in Sujiatun, Shenyang, China which harvest Falun Gong practitioners' organs for profit and cremate the bodies at the site to eliminate the evidence. The beast atrocity is still going on and Chinese communist regime declares it's the best human right period in its history.

D. M. From: USA

I recently was in SFO during Chinese New Year's and met people who were telling about what was going on in China. May this letter help stop these murders, tortures etc.

M. K. From U S A

Human rights and freedom must be respected. We are against the Chinese Communist regime's persecution of human rights. Stop Persecuting Falun Gong practitioners in China!!!

R. V. From Ottawa, Canada

If this genocide of Falun Gong practitioners is allowed to go on even for another day, are Chinese practitioners of Christian and Muslim faith far behind the same fate tomorrow? CCP's profit motive and barbaric violent nature will not hesitate to increase the scale of this organ harvesting from live innocent victims. WORLD GOVERNMENTS, PLEASE

M. S. From Austria/ Lower Austria

What CCP is doing is like the NAZI terror. It's time for the international community to take urgent action against this crime against humanity

N. V. From Australia

The world will find out soon that Falun Dafa practitioners are being severely tortured. Hopefully it won't be too late.

G.C. From Canada,

Why is it always the innocent who suffer?

J. M. From Australia

These acts cannot be allowed to continue.

We all must do whatever we can to bring this horrible persecution to an end.

T. Q. From USA

Strongly support this petition. This persecution has to be stopped. Justice must be served.

R. W. D., Rainbow of Hope Foundation, California, USA

The atrocities and genocide that is being committed by the Chinese communist dictatorship must be stopped. On our individual level, each one of us can make a difference. May I suggest this three-step approach:

1. Educate yourself (learn about the issues).

2. Tell others (family, friends, co-workers, place of worship).

3. Get involved (volunteer, fundraise, petition, etc.)

Thank you for spreading the Light.

F. P. From Toronto

Let's work together for a better society! Human rights should be the same everywhere, especially for people believing in Truthfulness, Compassion and Tolerance.

G. D. From Greece

People must know that the persecution is wrong. There aren't many people that know about the tortures, so we must inform them about what really happens in China, and clarify the truth about the evil CCP. We must help humans to understand just how wicked the whole communist system is...


S. S. From Australia

The truth emerges the ugly facts are revealed the CCP will forever be synonymous with evil.

M. S. P. From USA/California

How could any government be SO CRUEL to its own citizens?

H. M. From USA, Arizona

In this day and age, we're to be civilized and be more humane like with compassion and many good natures of being a human being. It is disbelieving such a country's government like Chinese regime to be barbaric, inhumane, etc., towards its own people. Highly educated doctors are taking certain organs from a live human being against all spiritual laws and performed against the will of the victims is very atrocious, inhumane, the worst act a person to be doing, etc. The world needs to know about this, what is happening in China. It is evilness to the extreme! They need to be stop and real soon.

D. C. From Australia

Good people are being tortured daily and being murdered in the most horrendous ways! Please don't turn a blind eye to this!

Please help! Attract the whole world to China, so that the most inhumane crimes committed by the Chinese Government are stopped.

W. V. From Australia

This is a secret genocide by CCP. Never happen again is happening again. Why the world people are not speak up for it. During WW2 when Nazi doing this kinds of killing nobody around the world did not speak up. This kind of inhuman torturing must stop by international communities.

C. C. From Australia

Let's not become morally bankrupt as a society. If even in the face of genocide our conscience is not moved to want to take a public stance against such atrocities, we must be heading in a dangerous direction. Let's all speak up now!

K. D. From Greece

I am aware of the persecutions and tortures, but not many people in my country are, and I suppose the same happens to many countries. So, it is important that the people know the truth, and act as they will...