(Clearwisdom.net) January 24, 2006, is a date that fills me with gratitude. On that day, a very stubborn person, helped by Teacher's compassion and practitioners' righteous thoughts and actions, eventually broke through the control of the evil spirit of the Communist Party and chose a bright future for herself.

Many people have thought it very difficult to save their relatives. I had spent lots of time and energy on trying to save my daughter and convince her to quit all the organizations of the Chinese Communist Party. On almost every Sunday since 2005, I tried to find time to talk with her. She was often very busy with her job and, whenever she was free, tried her best to avoid me. Sometimes when my granddaughter was present, I had to take extra precautions to not allow my daughter's attitude and words to negatively influence her. (My granddaughter had already quit the Young Pioneers of the Chinese Communist Party.) Under such a situation, I missed many opportunities to talk with my daughter. I felt that there was not much time left. I tried to talk with her alone, but she refused to listen and even threw things and cursed several times. It was so difficult.

I read every article published on "Minghui Weekly" about how to clarify the truth and advise people to quit from all the organizations of the Chinese Communist Party. Though I sent forth righteous thoughts, I still could not see good results in my daughter's situation. Once, as soon as I started, my daughter suddenly flew into a rage and yelled, "I am so angry, I will call 110 (i.e. call the police)!" I sent forth righteous thoughts to clear away the dark minions and rotten demons. I left when I saw she had calmed down. I encountered similar responses when clarifying the truth to my other relatives. Even a relative who seemed to have good manners became angry. I often wondered, "What should I do?"

I carefully studied the Fa Teacher taught on this issue. Teacher said in "Teaching the Fa in San Francisco, 2005":

"Don't worry about what they say, [but] every word that you say is like a thunderclap to them."

I thought that, although I could not talk much with her, one truly righteous sentence out of my mouth could destroy the evil elements controlling her. As told in the well-known story "The Foolish Old Man Moves Mountains," the day will come when the evil elements are all eliminated. One day when I was at her home, I told everyone present, "On August 14, 2001, the International Education Development Organization said at a meeting with the United Nations that the 'Tiananmen Self Immolation' was staged to frame Falun Dafa." After saying that, I left.

Sometimes when I tried to clarify the truth to my daughter, some people tried to dissuade me, saying, "Since she will not listen to you, you should not talk with her about it." I said, "I cannot. I cannot be irresponsible to her. How could I simply watch her lose her future?" As a practitioner, if I cannot even save people close to me, my relatives, then I cannot fulfill my duty. If every practitioner saves a hard-to-save person, the total number of saved people would be huge. Since then, every time after I sent forth righteous thoughts, I would again focus on clearing away the evil elements controlling her.

On another Sunday morning, I went to my daughter's home to clarify the truth. Just before I spoke, my daughter said, "Don't talk to me. I had a bad dream: you were arrested in my dream." I understood that I should compassionately negate the attitude in my daughter's words. Doing this, I could also negate the evil forces. When clarifying the truth to save sentient beings, I should do so with courage and calmly, not worrying too much about the listener's attitude. I should remove this worry. So with a pure heart truly concerned for the good of others, I thought to myself, "I am here to save you, not to beg you."

When clarifying the truth another time, I said to my daughter beforehand, "I have a request before our talk. I hope you will not interrupt me before I finish talking." This time my daughter's attitude showed an obvious change. Although she said, "I don't care if my life has a future or not," she patiently listened to me until I finished.

After clarifying the truth to her, I thought there were still places I needed to improve. After reading an experience sharing essay in the Minghui Weekly, I thought the practitioner did very well. The person the author talked to said in the end, "Then I will quit the Communist Party for my life's bright future." I decided that the next time I talked with my daughter, I would tell her that to quit from the CCP is to choose a beautiful future.

Teacher said in "Teaching the Fa in San Francisco, 2005":

"Give it a try and see, is it still like before? Even if it is, you have to carve out a space via the strength of your righteous thoughts, right?"

Keeping Teacher's words in mind, I felt strong and maintained righteous thoughts. I was determined to save my daughter and other relatives who seemed hard to save.

Another opportunity came. One day my daughter got home from work early. I sent forth righteous thoughts for 20 minutes. Bringing with me a statement concerning quitting the CCP's organizations that I had written in the morning and some related materials, I went to my daughter's house with the determination to change the current situation. As soon as I started, my daughter said, "I don't want to listen, forget it." I stopped for a while and sent forth righteous thoughts and sincerely asked Teacher to please help me. At the same time, I told my granddaughter in a whisper, "Please help Grandma to send forth righteous thoughts." Then I went back and sat down next to my daughter, picked up a flyer calling for people to quit the CCP and read, "'I happily quit the CCP and had a wonderful Chinese New Year!' The Chinese New Year is coming. If you quit the CCP, I won't need to be so worried about you."

Although my daughter replied, "I don't want you to worry about me," her voice was very calm. I said, "We Falun Gong practitioners speak the truth. According to the celestial climate, the CCP will fall. Would any practitioner claim this without reason? China has more than 5,000 years of history. After one dynasty fell, another arose. In early 2005, 50 CCP members announced they were quitting the CCP in The Epoch Times. So far, over nine million people having quit the CCP and its related organizations. Such a huge number! It reflects the celestial climate, it is heaven's will." My daughter said, "It is not my business." I said, "It is closely related to everyone. And it is so important that it will determine a person's life or death. I cannot emphasize it enough. Otherwise, I wouldn't need to talk with you about it."

I talked with her about the recent news that a certain person had killed two people. This shocked people. Yet the CCP has killed 80 million Chinese people. Shouldn't it pay for its crimes? The CCP cannot escape heaven's law that we must pay what we owe: you will pay with your life if you kill another person; you will pay with money if you owe any debt. If people won't themselves take action to fulfill the principle, then the heavens will. Good people will be saved if they quit the CCP. This is the way to save people. I also told her, "No matter who wants to quit the CCP, we will help to protect his/her identity. We won't reveal his personal information to others. For their safety, people can use fake names to quit the CCP. We are cultivators without any pursuit of loss or gain in the world; we are truly saving people." My daughter said, "I don't need you to save me." My granddaughter heard her say this and became so anxious that she almost cried. At this moment, my daughter said with a smile, "In that case, you can help me to write a declaration to quit the CCP and its organizations." I suggested that she use a fake name and then sincerely write her name on the solemn declaration to quit the CCP. I said in my heart, "Thank you, Master. Thank you for helping me to save a life. It is not easy!"

When writing about these experiences, I suddenly understood why it is so hard to save my own relatives. It is because I myself did not have stable righteous thoughts and was attached to strong affection. Teacher said in "Teaching the Fa at the 2002 Fa Conference in Philadelphia, U.S.A:."

"As I've said, everything that happens today in the ordinary society is the result of Dafa disciples' thoughts."

Every thought of a practitioner must be with the Fa.

My level is very limited. Please point out anything inappropriate in my article.