On January 6 and 7, 2006, Li Changzhong from the State Security Division of Pingyuan County's Police Department in Shandong Province; Wang Jie, Head of Chengguan Police Station; and two other policemen broke into the homes of practitioners Xiaofang, Zhang Hongmei, Zhang Hongquan, and Wang Xiuqin in Lianhuachi Village. The police took away Dafa books and materials, arrested the practitioners, brought them to the State Security Division, and extorted money from them.

When searching the practitioners' homes, policeman Li Changzhong slandered and cursed Dafa. He also tried to make the practitioners to repeat his offensive words. At the State Security Division, Yang Changlin, associate head of the Police Department; Li Feng, director of 610 Office; Zhang Zhenyi, head of the State Security Division; and Li Changzhong attempted to force the practitioners to reveal the sources of their materials. They also threatened the practitioners' families and demanded that they pay a so-called bail. The practitioners were detained for one day, until their families paid 2000 yuan. Afterwards, the police frequently harassed the practitioners at their homes.

At the end of December 2005, Li Feng from the 610 Office, Fu Bin, and policeman Sun from Taoyuan Police Station broken into practitioner Mr. Song's home. They took away Dafa books and extorted 2000 yuan from him, half of which was designated as "bail," one quarter was used for their meals, and the rest was unaccounted for. If he did not pay they would arrest him, detain him, and send him to a labor camp.

A few days before this happened, Zhang Zhenyi, Li Feng, and policemen from Taoyuan Police Station broke into the home of practitioner Xu Wanmei in Dayingzhang Village. They took away Dafa books, materials, and a portrait of Teacher. The police then tried to extort 5,000 yuan from the family but only got 2,000 in the end.

In mid-November, 2005, Zhang Zhenyi, Qiu Zhanling and policeman Diao from Qiancao Police Station, along with other police officers, broke into the home of practitioner Zhang Ruju in Zhangxing Village. They searched the home and arrested the practitioner. At the Police Branch they demanded that the practitioner report the sources of Dafa materials. They beat the practitioner and forced the family to pay 10,000 yuan. The policemen also searched practitioner Chao Jingui's home at Fang Tun. They took away books and materials, arrested the practitioner, and extorted money from the family. Without notifying the detained practitioners, Zhang Ruju's family paid 9000 yuan and Chao Jingui's family paid 5000 yuan on top of the 1000 yuan that the Chao's paid Qiu Zhanling, chief of the police branch, in cash. Then the police released the two practitioners.

In late September 2005, policemen from the State Security Division and Qiancao Police Station broke into the homes of practitioners Liu Jixin and Liu Shanyou in Zaogunliu Village, Linzhuang Township. They took away Dafa books and arrested the practitioners. At the station, they tried to coerce the practitioners into giving up their Dafa practice and to report the sources of their materials. The police threatened the families that the practitioners would be sent to forced labor camp if they didn't give money to the police. The practitioners were not released until Liu Jixin's family had paid 3000 yuan and Liu Shanyou's family had paid 5000 yuan.

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State Security Division, Pingyuan County Police Department, Shandong Province personnel: Zhang Zhenyi, Li Feng, Xu Yongli, Li Changzhong
Chengguan Police Station, Pingyuan County: Wang Jie, Geng Xiangzhao
Taoyuan Police Station, Pingyuan County: Chief Sun, Fu Bin
Qiancao Police Station, Pingyuan County: Qiu Zhanling, Diao
Deputy Head of Pingyuan County Police Department: Yang Changlin