(Clearwisdom.net) I am a Falun Dafa practitioner in Liaoning Province. I was illegally arrested in August 2001, and placed in a detention center. After a nine-day hunger strike to protest the unjust imprisonment, I was released, but just seventeen days later I was forcibly arrested again on September 28. On September 29, they sent me to Masanjia Forced Labor Camp, and started to torture me four days after I arrived. In 28 months, the perpetrators used over ten different methods to torture me.

1. Both arms are locked to the sides of a metal stool so you cannot move, or stand up. I was forced to sit like this on a very small stool for fifteen days.

2. Both arms are locked to the steam heating unit. With a row of five units, the hands are placed in a hook between the first and second units, and a hook between the fourth and fifth unit. One can neither sit nor stand, and is forced to remain in a bowing position. After some time, the arms turn black and purple. This torture lasted for two months.

3. The back is locked to the steam heating unit, and you is deprived of sleep all night. Guards beat you if you close your eyes or become drowsy. I was tortured this way for two months. My legs became numb, and my wrists were bloody from the tight handcuffs. The scars can still be seen today.

4. Both hands locked behind the back to a steam pipe, and one is forced to sit on a very small stool. The legs may be in a very confined state. After some time, the arms turn blue and purple, the legs feel numb, and very painful. I was locked up this way for several days, after which the stool was removed, and I had to sit on the concrete floor.

5. Both hands and feet are shackled to the corners of a bed, so that you are in the spread eagle position. You cannot move even a bit, not even to use the toilet, and the whole body becomes very agitated. I was locked this way for several days.

6. In Masanjia, there is a triangular room, specially designed to persecute Falun Dafa practitioners. Inside there is a long, narrow stool with a low back. One's back is locked to the back of the bench, making it impossible to either stand or lay down. I was locked in this room for over three months.

7. Both arms are locked to the stand hook of the heating pipe in the corridor. This hook is higher than most people, and one must stand on tiptoes to remain stable. It may have been specially designed to persecute Falun Dafa practitioners. When the torture continues for some time, it is very hard to endure. I was tortured this way for a week.

8. I was locked to the heating pipe in the coldest corridor, wearing only thin trousers. I was deprived of sleep, and I could only sit on the ice-cold concrete floor, which caused me to lose consciousness. I was tortured this way for ten days.

9. "Back lock." One arm crosses the front of the body, while the other crosses behind the back, and the hands are locked together behind the back. The neck is tied to the feet with rope, making it impossible to raise the head. One's body cannot sustain such a position, and after over forty minutes, I was sweating all over, and my heart could not bear it any longer. I was only unlocked after they realized that I would die if the torture continued.

10. Binding with ropes. The police used rope to tightly bind my crossed legs and arms, then fastened my neck to my lap with a towel, to prevent me from raising my head. For over seven hours you are not allowed to use the toilet. One police also tore up Master's book, and Masters portrait, and forced me to sit on them, then tore Master's book into small strips and stuck them to my face, repeatedly saying, "Just for you, 'Dafa disciples.'" Another guard stomped on my crossed legs, and kicked my head, then lay down comfortably beside me to watch me suffer. After over seven hours, my legs turned black and purple, and I could no longer move. The pain was even worse than the bones being torn apart. As a result of this torture, my whole body lost feeling, and I could not take care of myself. My mother came and attended to me for over one month before I gradually recovered. To this day, my wrist and leg are still affected.

Personnel directly involved in persecution:

Su Jing, Wang Naimin, Wang Xiaofeng, and Huang Haiyan, members of the Benxi "Assistance and Education Group"