I am from the Ningxia area of China. Recently, a person who used to suffer from serious psychosis before practicing Falun Dafa was arrested. In the past, this person looked very anxious and often started arguments with everyday people while clarifying the truth. After about twenty days, the person wrote a guarantee statement and was released. While this person was under arrest, he/she disclosed the source of his/her truth-clarification materials out of fear.

According to Master Li's requirements, people with mental illnesses should not learn Falun Dafa. Regarding those who used to suffer from psychosis or whose family has had a history of mental illnesses, Master has said with compassion that, "Students who used to have psychosis can do some things that are in the background, and it's okay if they do less or nothing when it comes to clarifying the truth." ("Teaching the Fa at the 2004 International Fa Conference in New York"). Personally, I think that all practitioners who used to have psychosis should learn the Fa at home if they truly want to. They should not study the Fa together with other practitioners since it is Master's requirement that people with mental illnesses should not learn Falun Dafa. Fellow practitioners around them should point it out to them too. If they truly think that Dafa is good, they should respect Master's requirement and should put the Fa as top priority. They should not bring negative effects to the environment around them because of their irrationality even though their intentions may be good. Dafa cultivates the main consciousness of a person. However, people who have a history of psychosis cannot control their main consciousness. Practitioners around such people should deal with this issue rationally instead of emotionally. Even though your intention is good, if the result is not, it is not being responsible to Dafa.

For people who have a history of psychosis and who genuinely want to learn Dafa, if they can study the Fa, do the exercises, and send forth righteous thoughts at home, and if they can balance the environment, they are offering salvation to people around them as well, since people will see the good things they do and be influenced by their high-level morality. Of course, if they can explain things properly, the effect will be even better.

August 18, 2005