Gao Ruihong, 39, was an anesthetist at Shandong Province People's Hospital. Her husband Gao Hongtao, 38, is a teacher at a CCP school in Laixi City. Since the persecution began on July 20, 1999, they have been poisoned by the evil CCP's atheism. Their own relatives practice Falun Dafa, but Gao Ruihong and Gao Hongtao have both followed Jiang's scoundrel group in slandering Dafa and cooperating with the evildoers to persecute their relatives. Many practitioners have clarified the truth to them, but they did not listen, nor did they believe that good meets with good and that evil would be met with evil.

Gao Ruihong's sister Gao Shuiqing went to Beijing to validate Dafa, but she was detained and illegally imprisoned. Her home was ransacked many times and she was pressured with brainwashing. Gao Ruihong and Gao Hongtao thought she brought the trouble upon herself and they discriminated against, ridiculed and taunted her. In September 2001, Gao Shuiqing was arrested by Hou Songtao and other police officers from Qingdao Road police station in Laixi City while working at a restaurant. She was illegally imprisoned in Qingdao Dashan detention center and persecuted for one month. Two days after Gao Shuiqing returned home, Gao Ruihong and Gao Hongtao coordinated with 610 Office personnel to deceive their sister. The authorities processed some paperwork and then came back. The couple had paid 3000 yuan to the police, who were to send Ms. Gao Shuqing to a brainwashing class in Zibo.

Gao Shuiqing was taken to a brainwashing class against her will by Laixi police officers Sui Guoqin and Li Hua, Ding and others from the 610 Office. Her family was forced to accompany her. Gao Shuiqing's mother was old and had diseases such as high blood pressure. The brainwashing class was very evil and the guards in the prison used four to five collaborators to brainwash Gao Shuiqing. They did not let her sleep to pressure her to give up cultivation.

On October 2, 2004, Gao Ruihong, Gao Hongtao and their daughter Gaoyang, together with Gao Hongtao's oldest brother and his wife and daughter, went to tour Weihai and had a traffic accident on the way. Gao Hongtao's sister in-law and niece died on the scene. Gao Ruihong died on the way to the hospital, and Gaoyang's leg was broken. Gao Hongtao's foot was broken, and his lower back was injured. He can't walk and has to sit in a wheelchair.

From ancient times, good has always met with good and evil has always received due retribution. The evildoers will surely bring evil consequences upon themselves.

August 14, 2005