(Clearwisdom.net) Minghui picture book "The Story of Yaya and Surviving in Bohai Gulf" was published recently by Taiwan Yih Chyun Book Corporation. The book has two stories, presented in both English and Chinese languages.








Cover of the book
Table of contents page
The story of Yaya
Surviving in Bohai Gulf

The following is feedback on the book from English language readers:

A twelve-year-old American girl said after reading the book, "The pictures are pretty. I like it very much."

A ten-year-old boy borrowed the book for his 5-year-old brother. The little brother carefully read and listened to the stories. The brothers finished the book and asked their mother, "We both liked this book, can we keep the book?" The mother said, "The stories are well written, and the pictures are pretty. The author did a good job."

A Jewish teacher for kindergarten education opened the book to read and said, "I like this sentence, very beautiful. Oh, who drew these pictures? They are pretty ..."

To order the book, please contact:

United States: Email - MHbooks@minghui.ca

Taiwan: Yih Chyun Book Corp. #220-9, Chongqing Road North, Taipei City.